First DBZ, now Bleach!?

They are making a MOVIE.

And the Director is the guy who did “Tommy Boy?” As if the project wasn’t already doomed! :thud:

Also in this article: An AKIRA movie being produced… by LEONARDO DI CAPRIO!? 0.o

“Bleach” even took to the stage in the form of five musicals


Musicals based on popular Animes are not uncommon in Japan. In fact, I’d like to watch a BLEACH musical someday:

“IIII am callled ICHIGOOO and I will Kill yooou with my ridiculously big SWOOOOORD!!!” :hahaha;

I’ve seen some parts of one of the musicals. It was hilarous. In one performance, the actress playing Rangiku wasn’t there for some reason (sick maybe?), but Gin was supposed to have a duet with her. The other characters had a brief rock, paper, scissors tournament on who had to take her place. I think Hitsugaya had to do it. Oi.

So are we talking about live action here, because if so, lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol!!!111…

Next up will be Naruto: Teh mOvie. Ugh!

I predict this will be awful. We should really keep Hollywood away from manga/anime, etc. I mean, I know they’re hard up for material, but come on!