Firefox question...

I was wondering if there is any way to disable the integrated google search functions. It gets annoying finding myself at odd locations whenever my comp jacks up and decides to get rid of the drop box when I type a partial address.

Go into view, choose toolbars, then customize. Then drag the google box into it.

And it Works too! I got Fire fox 2 hours ago.

Big Nutter
Icons go smaller, yes!!!

I mean how it resolves dns errors by doing “I feel lucky” in google.

Sorry, just got firefox myself.

However, I do have a question about it? I just downloaded the noia 2.0 theme for firefox. It looks really nice, but often the buttons on the browser are messed up, with text from the menus (File, Edit, View, etc.) appearing on them. I assume its just a minor bug that will be patched up with the release of 1.0, but if there’s a fix, I would like to know.


The 0.9 version got released very recently, it might still be buggy. Try getting 0.8 instead.

Yeah, most themes and extensions need to be recompiled to work properly with .9. Give it a week or 2 and most everything should be fixed.

Mozilla Firefox is worth cookies!

I would help, but I’m still using Mozilla Firefox 0.8 and it doesn’t have the feature you describe. I’m sure there should be an option somewhere in the options though. Or a fix somewhere on their webpage. Either one.

I don’t think there’s any way to disable it right now.

The more important question:

Does not using firefox result in leprocy, cancer, erectile difficulty, and sever acne?

I figured it was one of those “that’s not a bug…It’s a feature” moments. still annoying.

I got it about the same time as everyone else, and I must say I like it a lot better than IE. The integrated download window, browser tabs and themes make it a hell of a lot cooler. Mozilla has ownage. Official.

It is a little lighter in the ram department than the bloated mess that is original mozilla. But the jury’s still out comparing it to IE and slim browser. kicks comp

Not if you use Opera instead.

Opera has ads and costs money . . . thats bad. :frowning: