Firefox Problems

Hey, I seem to have a problem with my firefox (version On certain sites (namely GameSpot, Hotmail, and my own website which uses WordPress) I can’t use a message box to compose a message/post. The box appears as a small rectangle. My bro said just to grab the corner and expand it; when I do this, however, it just makes the box bigger, but doesn’t let me write anything. Any help is appreciated.

My first response would be to uninstall/reinstall Firefox.

I uninstaled, and reinstalled, but it’s still doing it. It’s making em crazy because I have to use IE.

Wait, the textbox? What the hell, thats incredibly weird, you should file a bugreport, but if things work in IE, that means the HTML interpretter in the Firefox (gecko???) is broken on your machine, and is rendering all certain types of text boxes really really small. I’m sure theres a way you could tweak the way these boxes get rendered in “about: config” but without knowing the exact entry, i can’t really help too much.

You should definitely file a bugreport with Mozilla, and post on their boards and let them know whats up. They’d be able to help better, considering they know how their browser works better than we do.

Use opera in the meantime XD

Righty. Thanks.

Gack, not Opera. X-X
It might have something to do with an extension you’ve installed. Try starting Firefox in Safe Mode (it’s in the same Start Menu folder) and see if it works.

Nope, that doesn’t work either. I’m going to totally purge my PC of any record of Firefox, and then reinstall, and see if it works.

Tried a Google search to see if anyone else has had the problem?

I have, but it looks like most realte to user made codes. I’m giving up for now, I’ll just use IE for those sites that don’t work.

Would you mind linking to your site, or telling me where the specific boxes that don’t work are? I’m just wondering, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.,, and