Firefox memory leak

So every time I click on a link in Firefox, the RAM that it uses goes up by anywhere from 200K to 2MB. I can clear the RAM by restarting Firefox every few hundred clicks or so but it’s annoying if I’m trying to read a comic. Once it went up to using 1.5GB of RAM :confused: Anyone know what might be causing this?

Probably one of your extensions. List?

Download Statusbar
PDF Download
Talkback (disabled)
ThinkVantage Password Manager (disabled)
Utopia Metatron Plus (disabled)

Might be a Greasemonkey script, I suppose…

There are no scripts installed :confused: I’ve also tried turning GreaseMonkey off before but it doesn’t do anything about the leak

You might not have a choice but to grab MozBackup to grab all your bookmarks and history, then uninstall and do a clean install.

Firefox stores some things like images in memory from previous pages so they’ll load faster if you go back to that page, but all the data associated with those pages isn’t always cleared out. It seems like Firefox 2 doesn’t have very good memory management or garbage collection. It’s a known memory leak, and I believe it’s finally been fixed in the betas for Firefox 3. It’s been around for years.

I updated to Firefox 3. Problem gone. Thanks Epico and Cid!