Firefox and Japanese Text

Okay, so, a few times in the past week, I’ve had this bug when using Firefox. Y’see, certain pages won’t open normally – they’ll just open up as a fricking huge mass of Japanese text. No hint of the normal page – just a swath of random black Japanese text on a white background. Any idea how to fix this, short of uninstalling Japanese support?

Tools > General > Connection Settings > Direct Connection to the internet

Make sure that is checked.

Otherwise, its an encoding issue.

Yep, direct connection.

So … how does one resolve this coding issue?

Beats me :frowning:

afaik, all characters that are coded to be displayed on a webpage get encoded in a MIME-type, and then your browser interprets that MIME-type and shows the correc text. What might be happening is that you japanese text install overrwrote some of the english, and now when it sees certain text, it renders it in japanese.

Though that wouldn’t really explain why you get full pages of japanese.

Hopefully someone else can figure this one out.

Oops! Looks like I’ve solved it!

Now, if only I could fix the whole AVI problem …

What AVI problem?

Uh, sorry, in another thread.