Fire Emblem translations?

I was wondering…has anyone ever done a translation of any of the old Fire Emblem games? If so, where can one find them?

You can find one for FE6 (GBA) here.

I don’t know about the earlier ones.

I’m actually playing FE6 right now. Its fairly easy to play. You can tell what commands are what just by their placement in the menus.

Aren’t the GBA ones that were officialy translated and released?

In any case, my interest lies more in the NES and SNES ones.


So no-one’s done a complete translation of the NES or SNES games? Dag, yo.

The first GBA game was not translated officially.

Fire Emblem - I’ve done some ASM work on it, waiting for script translations.
Gaiden - j2e did work on this. Supposed to be nearly finished.

Mystery of the Emblem - Gideon’s doing work on this. Not sure what the status of it is. Check his page for more info. The main problem with previous groups on this game (maybe the whole series?) is the huge amount of text that needs to be translated.
Geneology of the Holy War - Started by j2e, worked on by Jay, who released a supposedly buggy-unplayable patch. Another group has worked to fix the bugs (can’t recall the name offhand. Check The Whirlpool,
Trechia 776 - Bongo was doing some stuff, but quit from a lack of translation support. I think another group was doing work on it.
BS - Not sure what it is, is it even emulated?

It’s not -that- much text. It’s just that people tend to flake out on it :frowning:

Nice to know that work is still being done, most of the projects seemed to be dead in the water(No offense).

Good luck with this. :slight_smile: