Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

So I just finished Mass Effect, which turned out to be a great game despite my problems in Noveria (never do Noveria first… and spam those biotics). I’ve now embarked on trying the acclaimed FE: RD which I received for christmas. I haven’t seen a rough RTS like this in quite a while.

What have been people’s experiences with this game? Any tips? Do I ever have access to towns to buy stuff or a menu screen where I can manage my characters or can I only access my characters while I’m in combat?

Does this game progress to anything beyond most of my characters getting 1-2 shot by the armies that seem to continuously outnumber me?

The only Fire Emblem game I remember where your starting party could Actually take a beating was FE4. Do you have any knights or armors in your party? I looked on Gamefaqs for the unit listings - 72 controllable characters in the game!

I haven’t had the fortune of finding a Wii yet, but from what I’ve read on the GameFAQ’s message boards most of the characters of the opening party tend to suck, or at least compared to Ike’s group. (especially if you’ve abused the bonus exp feature in PoR)

If it’s anything like PoR you probably won’t see the camp menu until about the 5th battle and you won’t be seeing any shops until you reach the 7th or 8th battle.

Originally Posted by Kagato Toujou
72 controllable characters in the game!

That’s nothing! You’ll have the chance to allow at least 18 of those characters to become Third-Tier characters.

A question I have for anyone who’s actually played the game themselves. Do most of the Laguz still suck in this game too?

Third tier? Like in Fire Emblem 2? Hot damn!

I have access to shops but man the game is still brutal. I’m playing it on normal, which is apparently hard mode in Japan -_-.

Are you using the In-battle save feature?

I have no other choice. The game kills my characters in 1-2 shots because the units could suck a golfball through a garden hose. I need to keep resetting a few turns. I’m in the fight where I meet Tauraneo (however the hell that’s spelt).

The game is hard, but particularly fun. do your best to soak up as much XP for Micaiah’s group as you can as they will be some of the weakest in the later chapters if you’re not careful.

Actually, the Normal mode in Japan is the same as the normal mode here. They just didn’t have an easy mode and have a nightmare mode where you cannot see the enemy movement and have to manually calculate it yourself using the terrain.

Don’t forget the traid relationships between weapons/magic. Axe -> Lance -> Sword -> Axe, Wind -> Fire -> Thunder ->Wind (I think, beat the game a couple months ago). Also with light and dark magic, one of them is better vs the other but weak agains elemental magic and one of them is better vs elemental magic but weak against the other.

You will always be outnumbered. If you play on easy or normal, your troops will be rougly equal in level to the opponents. Hard penalizes the amount of experience you get from everythnig by a lot and you’ll find yourself a little lower. The game is about overcoming adversity and large numbers, not so much overcoming a superpowered few (though you may be surprised once).

Also, try to save your bonus experience for when a character has a couple of maxed out stats (thery have little bars below them on the character screen to show when they are full). The bonus XP system ONLY provides 3 stat boni (damn right, plural bonus) per level, so it is better to space those into stats you’re weaker in. Since normal levels tend to average around 4 boni per level.

I hope you played Path of Radiance. The story continues from that first game. Awesome strategy RPGs. I hope you have fun. This game has a unique, chaptered system (each chapter featuring different people until you reach the last couple) that isn’t used in too many games of this type.

You may wish to consider consulting a strategy guide (when I played it, there wasn’t one out yet but…) as there are hidden items on most levels, all you need is the right character on the right space.