Fire Emblem question

I just raised this jerks “skill” level. what does skill do? I know the question sounds retarded, but what the hell?

If you raise “skill” enough, then eventualy you’ll be able to unlock a hidden mini game that involves Marth delivering pizza’s to stoned teenagers.

Skill (weapon or magic, whatever) is just that-how good you are with a weapon. It affects your hit ratio and damage with that particular weapon or magic. There are several skill ranks, varying from E to S. S is the highest, but once you get that in one weapon, no other weapons can get it, and everything else caps at A.

It also affects the level of weapon you can carry. If you have an E in lances, you can’t carry a Silver Lance, for example, which is like a B-rank lance (I think).

Big Fire Emblem sword, yo.

Fire Emblem is cool. I’ll start the FE2 shrine someday… eventually.

Raven really kicks ass, but moreso as a Hero.

This belongs in Gameplay Help, doesn’t it?

Pretty much what everyone else said. Skill determines how fast your weapon rank goes up, and your crit rate. It’s my favorite stat.

Well, yeah, it does, but we need more Fire Emblem threads here so that SG will shut his fucking face and play beyond the tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

He hasn’t played beyond the tutorial?

You’re a fucking disgrace SG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m leveling up Raven and Guy now, and erk a little bit, just cuz I need a high level magic user, I got Mathew to level 20 in the first storyline, now I have to wait to find his upgrade item, damn it, I want my assassin! GALRAHGLRAH! raven and guy are like level 9ish, erk is like 13, I could upgrade his class now, but I’ll wait till he’s level 20, I could also make sain a paladin, but i want him to be higher than level 14.

Never upgrade a character to his next class until he is level 20, else you’ll waste a bunch of levelups which you’ll never get back. And don’t really worry about leveling Erk, you get a better mage than him later in the game with an A in two magics and better stats. Still, Erk is nice until you get him (there’s also one other strong mage, but she starts at level 5 and you get her in one of the last missions, so she has to become a total exp whore just to level up in time.)

Who? I just got Canas in the last chapter, and I already got that chick or guy that cam with Raven.

That chick or guy isn’t a mage, he’s a Monk (Mages use Anima magic, Monks use Light magic and Shamans use Dark magic). The guy’s name is Pent (or something, it’s been a while) and you get him around mission 24.

By chapter 24 Erk will be level 20 on his upgraded class!

Pent’s a Mage actually. You get him same time as Louise about two thirds of the way through the game.

Chapter 26x on Eliwood’s story. It’s an item you absolutely cannot miss if you got the extra chapter.

Pent’s a sage actually, Pierson. ^^; Lucius is a monk, and Canas is the only shaman.

I don’t bother leveling up to 20 before I upgrade, because I get through the game fine anyhow. If I ever find it in me to play through on hard mode, then maybe I’ll stick around and abuse Ninis’ Grace… :smiley:

;_; I’m sorry, i’m new here, I dont know how things work. I’m sorry if this thread was a problem for anyone. please forgive me.

or better yet, shut the hell up, I wanted my question answered within the month.