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In Chapter 27, I have trouble when the Wyvern Riders appear. I sent Eliwood, Ninian, and Lyn down to the lower right hand corner, and recruited VAida. Eventually, Eliwood got killed, and Lyn was in danger

Should I restart 26 and do the bonus mission? I don’t know how to beat the thieves to the treasure in 26, and I couldn’t get a delphi shield. If I promote Matt with the Fell Contract, he won’t be able to steal anymore

Do I have to worry about using Manni Katti, Rapier, and Wolf Beil? I heard all the lords get better weapons and are promoted towards the end of the game

Should I build up Nino? My mages keep getting killed in Chapter 27

How many Silver weapons should I buy in Chapter 27? I heard silver weapons aren’t that great

Post your people’s stats. I would recommend doing the bonus level. It’s a great place to level Nino.

Eliwood 19
Hector 2 Promoted
Florina 17 Promoted
Priscilla 17
Raven 4 Promoted
Sain 4 Promoted
Nino 5
Lyn 15
Canas 19
Guy 1 Promoted
Hawkeye 11 Promoted
Oswin 4 Promoted
Jafar 13 Promoted
Lucius 19
Legault 12
Matthew 1 Promoted

Other options are

Heath 7
Rebecca 3 Promoted
Louise 4 Promoted
Pent 7 Promoted
Harken 9 Promoted
Ninian 13

Yeah. If you still can, do the bonus level. Place Rebbeca on the space before the bridge and put Nino behind her. The cavaliers will attack Rebbeca who will probably dodge.

For the next chapter just keep Hector down there. He could probably defeat all of the wyvren riders by himself. If not send Rebbeca too. Have Eliwood talk to Vaida and then have Vaida rescue Eliwood and take him somewhere safe. If you can level Lyn on some of the promoted axe users to get her a few more levels. She can promote at the end of the chapter.

Do you still have the Afa’s drops? You should probably use them on Nino. They increase the chance for your stats to go up when you level by 5%. Doesn’t sound like much, but if you get Nino 20+ levels, it really adds up.

I don’t worry about the Lords special weapons too much. You’ll get some really cool ones for the final battle.

If you feel you need the extra power, you can go ahead and get the silver weapons. You could also wait till Chapter 29x. There you can buy the Killer stuff, which is a lot of fun. Reavers to, if that’s your fancy…

I’d do the bonus mission. You want to get as much exp. as possible.

I beat Fire Emblem

I gave up on levelling Nino. It’s impossible

Lyn is useless. She gets killed easily

Leveling Nino is not impossible. The bonus level and the level after both have bridges which you can put tanks or dodgers on with Nino behind them. Unless your Lyn got bad level ups she is not useless.

Never speak in absolutes. (haha contradiction…)

Most of the time Lyn is pretty good, but sometimes she gets a lot of bad levels, and thus ends up stinking. This happens to my Eliwood much too often. Lowen, too, for that matter.

Afa’s drops also doubles the exp acquired. Makes leveling Nino so much easier, but still very difficult.

No, Taran. That is false information, and wherever you got it from, kindly castrate them for me. It only adds a 5% bonus to your units.

And another thing, let’s get one thing straight… Lyn is the only non-Myrmidon/Swordmaster unit that can use the Wo Dao. She’s special on top of them because, while missing that 15% bonus, she gets the added bonus of slightly more Res than the said classes and their characters. On top of that, she gets immense Speed, Skill and sometimes Luck. Now, what do you have with her, then? A Mage Killer. Those are kind of valuable in this game, seeing as there aren’t many of them. (Mage Killer = Accurate and fast) Now, on top of that, if you get a good run with her strength, or you get some Energy rings into her, with the 15 Critical bonus she’ll get from the Skill, and a whoppin’ 35 from the Wo Dao, she easily kills a grand majority of units if she’s got the strength. If she doesn’t get the strength, well… give her a Killing Edge, a Killer Bow and let her kill mages anyway, 'cause that’s good Skill on a Bow/Sword user. And another thing, levelling Nino is far from impossible. It’s rather easy, actually; ESPECIALLY on Eliwood’s tale. 26x gets good spawning, and so does 29.

Whew. That was a breathtaker, huh?

In my game she kept getting killed. She’s just a big opening. Whenever she attacks, she’s likely to die

I used practically every stat boosting item I got on Lyn and by the time she was Lv 40 (Lv 20 before promotion, Lv 20 after promotion), she was unbelievably nasty. She almost never got hit, she did massive damage, critical hits every other time, and her defense wasn’t too bad either.

You must have gotten a lot of bad levels then. Just give her a bow. I found the Longbow to be especially useful.

My Lyn was so strong, I barely used the bow.

She was a front liner all the way.