Fire Emblem 7 rocks!

I love Fire Emblem! Although this isn’t one of my favorite FE games, it still is pretty cool! I’d say some of the earlier ones were better.

This is sort of strange . . . Talking with myself. Well, I guess it helps that it’s school time right now. For MOST people, anyway . . . Oh well, it’s not my fault anyway. I hate being sick! I hate being bored too . . .

I love Fire Emblem 7! My favorite character is DEFINITELY NOT MARCUS! I hate Marcus! He’s stupid and an EXP hog! Anyone who comes promoted in this game usually stinks. Like Isadora, Marcus, Vaida, Louise, Harken, Karla… There are a few exceptions to this, though. Like Jaffar is pretty good and so is Pent. Karel is all right if you use him properly.

Which one is 7? You know, for those of us who live in not-Japan and don’t follow the series religiously.

Also, I’d watch with posting replies to yourself. While I personally don’t care too much, there are some people on these boards who get downright violent when they see a double post, much less a triple post.

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the only one that has come out state-side, based on the characters he’s referring to. It is a good game, and the screenshots for the upcoming GameCube version look even better.

Holy Carp! There’s a Pent in the FE games? Can anyone link me to some information about this character? I had a Dark Knight named Pent in my FFXI static party for months, and it’d be interesting to see where he got the name from.

Fire Emblem 7 is most definitely the one released in America. Although none of the Fire Emblem games are officially numbered, but it was the seventh Fire Emblem game released.

And yeah, Pent is from that game, RPT. <a href=“”>See?</a>

FE is probably my favourite GBA game ever. I can’t wait for them to localise FE8.

I’m gonna start this one up again today in anticipation of the new ones they are bringing over.

Just to set the record straight, Marcus kicks ass.

Over and out.

Fire Emblem is great. I hope the new one is just as good.