Fire Emblem 6/ Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi

Yeah I love this game and all but the shrine, Is it finished?? It still doesn’t have a walkthrough. I know it say’s shrine in progress but with a game like this the walkthrough is the easiest thing to make. I just need one because I have the game in japanese (ROM) and Im still willing to play it seeing how I have experiance playing Fire Emblem 1, 7, and 8. Thing is I finished all the enemies in the first chapter but can’t find a way to beat the chapter. I tried seizing the castle gate but nothing happened. Hope the lazy shriner’s reading this. To put it simple, Make Walkthrough ASAP…

Shrine in progress means that it is in progress and that it isn’t finished. You can’t “request” things of an unfinished shrine. He or she will finish the walkthrough when he or she is able to. If you want it done so badly, do it yourself.

It’s called patience, assbite. Shrines don’t complete over night and, as Cid said, if you want it done so badly then make a walkthrough yourself. Shrines are a lot of work and just because its taking longer then you want doesn’t mean the shriner is laz, nor does it mean that no work is being done. Shrining isn’t our job, we have lives so either learn some patience or shut the hell up.

I think what Crash said is that (he/she) wants to be able to read it because (he/she) owns the Japanese version of the game. Although, Crash - there are some other walkthroughs out there.

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He called said shriner lazy, so he can mean whatever the hell he wanted to. Said statement would still have drawn my ire. If the peanut gallery is so displeased with the work we do, then maybe they should go to gamefaqs or somewhere else. Where the quality is worse and there are more morons per capita then RPGC by a long shot.

Freedom of speach…

This is an internet message board, not the USA. And Ori, you don’t have to be so mean to every person you think is acting dumb, lay off, some of them don’t know any better and calling them names isn’t going to help any. It seems to be all you do in this forum and we’re getting tired of it.

I know what a forum/message board is. I’ve been to over 20 in a short lifetime…

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