Finished Disgaea

For what it’s worth to you.

It’s much better than La Pucelle (the first game from NI I Played: this is the second one) It certainly has a unique story, and one of the coolest cast of characters in an RPG. I know now why Laharal isnt in the second one. The gameplay wasnt as much of a chore as La Pucelle, though towards the end it started to get there. Still cool. I’ve Been sitting on phantom Brave unplayed for a while. I think I’ll hold off on it some more, cos this kinda thing is only fun for so long.

Laharl IS in the second game, but his role is still unknown. What you got was the “Normal Ending”, to get the “Good Ending” (Which is much better and the only canon one) you have to finish the game with 0 Ally Murders (That’s none of your characters dealing a killing blow to none of yours, Prinny throwing included). It’s a piece of cake in New Game+. Do it now, it’s worth it.

The game’s not over. You can open the gates to Prinny Land, Human World, Cave of Ordeal, Alternate Netherworld and Mysterious Seal. Be prepared for some completely fucking insane leveling when you hit Cave of Ordeal and forward. I’m still stuck at the beginning of Mysterious Seal leveling my characters to beat the level 2000ish enemies, and I heard the hardest boss is on the 6000 neighbour. Let’s see if you still think the game isn’t a chore after THAT.

And yes, the characters rock. Mid-Boss beats the crap out of every other mid-boss ever, even Ultros.

Eh, maybe someday. I’m more of a one-time-through kinda guy.

You can’t say you’ve finished Disgaea until you defeat Prinny Baal, a feat even I have turned away from. I defeated Baal, but not in Prinny form.

I thought Uber Prinny had the same stats as Baal.

You also get two new characters on the bonus dungeons. I used the throwing trick to beat the Alternate Netherworld boss with a Lvl1000 Laharl and I’m loving her. Anyway, any good place to level once you hit the 1k neighbour? I’m fucking sick of Cave of Ordeals 3, I’ve fought over 600 battles there >:[

The Prinny God is nothing comapared to Baal and Prinny Ball, the most powerful bosses in the game. I got my Laharl to level 1600 and tried the throwing trick on Prinny Baal and I only took about half his HP away. I gave up after that because I had other games to play.

As for levelling I just used CoO 3. The only other spot with anywhere near comparable expience for time spent may be a super high level Item World and doing the throwing trick to make an uber monster.

By Uber Prinny I meant the Prinny that replaces Baal. Don’t replacements usually have nearly the same power as the original bosses?

Three questions:
What’s the usual limit for the stat-boosting Specialists? I could jam up to 600 Statisticians in one slot, but I have about 1982 Gladiators at once (Both in the same weapon).

Also, I take that in order to get better weapons I have no choice but to steal, right? Laharl has a Cosmic Blade I won in item World but everyone else is still using Amano-Harakiris, Infernal Spears and Infernal Staffs.

What party do you use? Just curious.

Yeeeeaah… When I say finish, I mean I made it from point A to Point B. I dont care about all the other stuff.

Uh…no. I beat the original Baal pretty easily using the “lifting trick” so he couldn’t go. You just have five spell casters out to Braveheart Laharl, then have one of them lift Baal up so he can’t go. You’ll loose the spell caster, but after hitting him each round, I killed him before he killed all my spell casters.

I tried the the same tactic on Prinny Baal and was only able to take about half of his HP away. In that sense I would say Prinny Baal is at least double the power of the original.

  1. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but I do know that the numbers differ between types of specialists. Check out GameFAQs, I’m sure one them will tell you the specifics. As for levelling, having the maximum number of specialists on all of a character’s items will increase their power dramatically.

  2. Yeah, the only way to get those best items is by stealing them from the Item Gods at the end of long Item Worlds.

  3. As for party members, I only use the story characters. The only other class that comes close in stats is the Maajin, which I haven’t unlocked yet. I keep a couple of Galaxy Mages around for Braveheart or Magic Boost, but that’s about it.