Finding yourself, the Abridged Version

This is just some boredom inspired madness, hopefully it doesn’t offend anyone and if script format makes you collapse into a seizure or otherwise harms you stop reading now. Pages 1-4 of the roleplay Finding yourself summarized and thoroughly butchered for your reading pleasure or pain.

CC> I’m walking on a road, who’d of thought I’d encounter another living being! But there is a man walking opposite my direction.

Ren>Mysterious music plays"OMG you have Powers Imma stalk you bye."disappears

ZhouYu> from fucking nowhere"Hey Chrissy, where are you going?"

CC> ‘That guy was so hot, I love the mysterious type’“Oh, Zhou Yu, this Melina merchant city place.”‘Oh stalker whose name I haven’t heard before’

ManusDei>appears “Huh, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

ZhouYu> “Some dude has my warez, I’ll come with you.”

CC> “Okay lets go.”

Generic NPC>appears’I will not speak and stand here looking bad ass’

meanwhile in merchant city

Videospirit> “These warez are sexy. ++cpu. When’s that Wizard chick, er I mean dude going to come and get them.”

back to the others

Manusdei> “I’ll speak in a vague way that makes it seem like I know you and change my cape’s color to look cool.”

CC> “Who are you? you’re not one of those flamers are you?”

Zhou Yu> "OMG ur ManusDei, can I have your autograph, AHH THE PAIN."eyes glow red

CC> acts useless

ZhouYU> "Don’t you know who I am? I’m the Master Mage Bitch."attacks

ManusDei> "CC! How could you forget me? What a travesty! OH shit you’re being attacked, uh think quick gotta help her umm…"stands still


ZhouYU> "You’re supposed to fight me! Ahh whatever I’m emo."leaves

CC> meaningless monologue

Manus> “You are my comrade! What’s wrong with you?”

CC> “I’ve never been friends with someone with your poor taste in clothes.”

meanwhile, in some generic villains lair

Zhou Yu> “Non stop reruns of baby geniuses slowly degrading will, must resist mind control.”

back to the gang

Manus> “Don’t you remember the bad lord of the rings parody we were in together.”

CC> “Now that you mention it, I have heard your name before. Wanna help me avenge my family?”

Manus> “You must have had your memories erased and there is absolutely no chance you’re just someone who has the same name and looks like this person I remember and whoever stole your memories will pay!”

Zhou Yu> “Normally brainwashing takes longer than 2 minutes but I had to make an appearance to stop you from brainwashing this child!”

CC>tells flashback before running over to Zhou Yu despite almost being decapitated 2 minutes before.

ZhouYu>teliports CC to a castle and disappears

Manusdei> takes off without telling anyone.

GenericNPC> still standing there, doing nothing.‘Any minute now, one of them is going to talk to me. They didn’t leave, they’re just hiding in the bushes, yeah, the bushes, MY life has meaning.’

in the castle, time passes, CC stares at a door

ZhouYU>walks through. “CC, I’m here to rescue you!”

CC> “YAY, I knew you’d come for me!”

ZhouYU>throws CC outside"Now get out of here, it’s not safe."

CC> “Aren’t you coming with me?”

ZhouYU> “ARe you fucking dumb woman? I keep shifting between good and evil and was the one who locked you up here in the first place!”

CC> But your my friend! THe protagonist never gives up on her friends!

ZhouYu> "Well tough."slams the door in her face.

Not too long ago, in the city of magic.

Videospirit> “I’m bored, I think I’ll use my awesome powers to sneak into a high class theater without paying and watch the performance. What’s that? MY plot sense is tingling, there’s a girl in danger several miles from here.”

Generic Guards> “There’s a guy up there watching without paying, after him men! We have nothing better to do than chase down squatters.”

Videospirit>flies away, faster than the guards can run and takes a break when he spots Chris Chris.“Hey there, Wassup?”

CC> “Who are you?”

Videospirit> “Videospirit, I was uh taking a walk and wound up here.”

CC> “Okay, that’s all the explanation I need and I am not at all curious about your strange alien appearance. Wanna go to Melina with me?”

Videospirit> “I uh, know where it is. But I have to get this book back to a chi- dude named Zhou Yu.”

Generic Guards>still running after me, finally get within sight

Videospirit> "All aboard the Videospirit Express. We will now be departing for the Merchant City of Milena."Wraps around CC and flies off.

CC> “Look, there’s some nice men following us, did you drop your wallet or something?”

Videospirit> “Uh… yeah, something like that.”*shoots down a tree, the guards make a dash to get past before it lands and wind up under it. “I really should watch where I point that hand.”

CC> “You hit them with the tree!”'Manus sounded kinda hot too now that I think about it, Too bad he was wearing all that funny Armour."

Videospirit> “What kind of a moron runs toward a falling tree? I mean We must help them immediately.”*takes advantage of the fact the men can’t see in account of the tree to transform into a man and walks up to them.“You guys okay?”

Story until reaching mage city omitted for undeclared reason.

CC> “I’m reading about how to free Zhou Yu from possession.”

Manus>shows up. “HAY CC! My ring told me where to find you, it also said it wants pants!”

CC> “Hai manus, this is Videospirit. Wanna look at my sword?”

Manus> “Indeed, why, this sword, it’s so long and… pointy. Only the smiths in britannia could make something like this!”

CC> “What else can you tell me!”

Randommobofvillagers> “It’s her! She’s that imperial magitek riding witch!”

Randomvillager> “Wrong game fool.”

RandommobofBillagers> “It’s her! The one who burned down our village!”

Manus> Starts Charging a Kamayamaya wave to take out the mob but gets dragged off by CC.

Videospirit> ‘I don’t have any scripted lines or actions right now!’

1 Escape scene later

CC> ‘Manus is so dreamy, he’s making me remember destroying villages’

Manus> ‘This CC chick is so cute, but I must maintain my paladin holiness so all I can do is hug her’

ZhouYu> “HAi guys, I’m going to kill you now, YAY!”

CC> “You’re not Zhou YU! You’re just his body!”

Manus> “Godmode powers, activate!”

Videospirit> "Huh, wow it’s my line, I missed my cue um um, Hey Zhou Yu, you having a practice fight or something? I have your book here."flies between the 3 combatants

everyone ignores me, Zhou Yu ignores manus who emos while she dominates CC.

Videospirit> “You guys are fighting kinda serious, You’d almost think it wasn’t for practice.”

ManusDei> "ARe you fucking drunk? She’s trying to kill her."casts a spell on Zhou yu that gets dispelled

ZhouYu> “Why the fuck did you do that? Oh was I being controlled again?”

ManusDei> “Totally! At this rate I’ll need to godmode even more to fix you!”

Videospirit> “Nice fight, now take this book back already.”

ZhouYu> “You can keep it, I made a copy.”

Videospirit> “But it’s 7000 pages! It’s freaking heavy!”