"Find Gon in Devil Palace"

I went to Old Pidona and got this quest. They didn’t give me a ring. So I can’t go to the boss in Devil Palace. And the exit to Old Pidona is blocked. How am I supposed to get out of this place?

Edit: Aww fuck it, i just loaded my backup and continued on.

Hopefully this kinda thing won’t happen again.

If you’re talking about the royal ring, you don’t get it from rescuing Gon. In fact you barely have to travel into the palace to find him. When you enter the palace and go down stairs to the left and then start going down the larger staircase, you’ll find Gon on one of the doors on the left side.

As for the royal ring you get it when this happens. Go all the way down the palace until you get to a locked door near the end that needs the ring. Then you visit Lance and one of the guys in a building will give you the ring if you’ve been down there. Honestly I’ve gotten used to the place so I haven’t had much trouble in terms of leaving it.

How do I get money out of the bank in Pidona? I just reached the 10k mark.

As long as you already got a bank card, get your money to less than 10k, and than talk to the guy who gives you the bank and you should be able to take some out.

How do I get the bank card? Faqs don’t say.

Also, can I get Sharl back? He has my Halberd, and it just got Tri-Shot. I need him so I can get Tri-Shot back.

there’s a quest you can do around 300hp called muse’s dream that can net you sharl permanently, assuming he doesn’t permanently die.

That’s what I mean. I finished the quest, and he disapeared. (I had 6 people in the party beforehand, one of them was the Poet.)

Did you join him in the dream, or send him in solo?

Joined him in the dream.