Finally! A website I can use! Man I’ve been needing an informative site like this for ages.

That sites the shit. :yipee:

So wrong, yet so funny.

This falls in the same category as Manties.

Why do people think of this stuff? They just want to have attention. that’s all.

Thisis something I would not do.

Uhh what the fuck dude, all the cool people are doing it. C’mon man, just a couple jabs, you’ll feel great afterwards… first jabs free man.

I thought I was the only one that repeatedly jammed scissors in his crotch… now I know that I’m not alone! FINALLY- people that understand me!

I kinda have a list of things to do before I die, and putting scissors in my crotch is not one of the things on the list.

Why don’t you give it a try?

Damn, I only have ‘fun’ scissors. They’re all plastic.

JFGemini, come on everyone else is jammin.

I think we broke him.

Hmm … What if girls do it? I think dat’d kinda make more sense …

I’ll thank you not to continue that train of thought.

Um … consider it … not … continued.


[This post was made in an attempt to be almost as stupid as the ideas depicted in the above link.]

This Site Has Been Brought To You By:

TWCFPR (The World Coalition For Population Reduction)

We’ll Be Back Below 1 Billion In No Time! ™

Seriously, I can see some major lawsuits against this site…

Websites like this are a medium, for they are neither rare nor well-done.