Finally, a site for all your villainous needs!

I needed this!

Dude, I so needed the doomsday devices! But now they have so many, I can’t makeup my mind which one to buy!

Dude…that’s hot.

Bah, seen it. I got a Zombification Ray from there last we–Er, I mean, a hair dryer. <.<; >.>;

You dare to moch a modern marvel of master science work by calling it a meere hair dryer?! Henchpersons put her in an obviously escapable trap of man eating sharks under a slowly lowering platform while we go watch television and assume she dies according to our fail-proof plan!!!

Badass. I could use that so my RA doesn’t catch me drinking.

I’m gonna buy a whole buncha shit from that place, build an unbeatable superweapon, and call myself “Yimagosa.” Which is an anagram of “I am so gay.”

Real villains manufacture all the equipment themselves!

Finally a site where I can buy weaponsgrade plutonium and kabangers, thank you IonMage for all you have done.

Oh come on. What real villain has to resort to getting weapons from the Internet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Villians that can’t assemble their own weapons?

Villains too busy perfecting their’ plans to make the weapons involved.


Wish you had the power to control men’s minds, reshape Creation like clay, and mold Reality to your whim? Then learn magic. No, not stupid parlor tricks, but the Dark Arts of Thaumaturgy, Sorcery, and Necromancy. Our EZ Magic Kit comes with real human-skull cup, birchwood wand, silver Satanic blade, thaumaturgical components*, cup trick, three foam balls, and instruction book. 30-day money-back guarantee.**

Price: US$495.00
*May include some but not all of the following: congealed baby’s blood, unicorn horn, wormwood extract, monkey semen, nightingale liver, tiger’s ocular jelly, bat wing, witch’s dried menstrual blood, chalk made from the ground bones of virgins, parchment made from the skin of Christian babies, devil’s horn, dried stag’s penis, MSG, powder of Jesus’ foreskin, Carpathian tomb soil, a leprous hand, and/or kosher salt.
**Guarantee void if Dr. Strange gets word of what you’re up to.

It only costs $500 to learn magic? Damn! That’s a bargain :mwahaha: !

The world is doomed! Doomed I tell you! :mwahaha: :mwahaha: :mwahaha:

Finally a place that accepts my Visa Black!