Final Saga Signup Thread!

Yes, I’m doing another one. This is it, folks, the final one. No more after this. Well, maybe I’ll do another Christmas Saga, if RPGC is alive when the Holidays come along (which will probably be in mid-August this year), but as for everything else, forget it. I’m finally gonna wrap up the last couple thousand plot holes and put this three-year nightmare to rest.

I’m not starting yet, though. While I don’t have to worry much about Movie Saga 2, the Reaver Saga has some very important characters and plot points that I can’t chose to ignore. Fortunately, the last of these will be in the next few chapters, so once that’s done, I’ll press on again. However, I plan on getting a head start this time, so I’m having a signup thread.

Now, let’s get the show started with the new and improved template:

Name (Pretty obvious)
Age (Also pretty obvious)
Height (Perhaps not so obvious)
Alignment (Standard D&D fair; match Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic with Good, Neutral, or Evil)
Appearance (How you look, any noteworty features welcome)
Bio (Your full bio, including background, current status, and personality)
Power Level (5 is a normal human, 90000000000000000 is a god)
White Magic Level (Just use 1-10, representing how many tiers of normal white magic is known)
Black Magic Level (Same rules as White Magic)

Primary strengths (May be obvious, who knows?)
Primary weaknesses (See above)

Note: If you don’t know magic, just put zeroes into both spots.

Oh, and just so you know, this will be MUCH more serious than normal, so don’t make up anything TOO ridiculous.

Most of my bio is copy/pasted from the Arena thread with a few tweaks, just so it’s known. :slight_smile:
Also, I’ve fleshed out my character quite a bit since time.

Name: GG Crono (Goes by GG. Doesn’t know what it stands for, so don’t ask him.)
Age: Unknown (Physically appears about 18.)
Sex: Male
Race: Human as far as he knows.
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Allignment: Neuteral good, borderlining Chaotic at times.
Appearance: Originally looked like a pallet-swapped Crono. Disliking this, he trimmed off the spikes and dyed the hair. It still looks vaguely purple, and it grows back in funny ways. Thusly, it is perpetually messy. He literally can barely do a thing with it.
Background: The man called GG has come from one of the cliched begginings imaginable; He woke up in the middle of nowhere one day, with no memory save for his own name, sword and gem by his side. Furious at the universe for being given such an origin, he as sworn an oath never to get angsty about it. GG might be the last member of a lost race, or a genetically engineered weapon, or a being destined to destroy the human race, or some idiot who just happened to hit his head. He could not possibly care less.
He’s taken up an equaly stereotypical role of wandering adventurer, going wherever the road may take him, but often he finds himself gravitating back to RPGC, for reasons unkown*. Has a bit of magical talent, but isn’t very good at it. Loves pizza, hates puns. Known to be honest and loyal, and a bit of a wiseass.
His equipment consists of: One(1) magical katana, which he named Starcleaver. Is magic in that it can retain enchantments and is virtually indescructible.
One(1) magical gem. Functions very much like a Dragoon Spirit(From Legend of Dragoon), can be invoked in times of desperation, as a “Limit Break” of sorts.
One(1) Bag of Holding, AKA the “bag”. Typical nigh-infinate storage space.

*Plentiful leads on potential quests and free food, mostly.

Power level: About 500 in normal form, about 20000 in armored form.
White magic level: 1
Black magic level: 3

Primary strengths: Extremely agile in combat, very clever and quick-witted.
Primary weaknesses: Low stamina, and very low tolerance for pain. Has a tendancy to be honest to a fault, even bluntly so on occasion, and can be overly trusting at times.

Looking forward to it.

EDIT: Mistake fix… >.>;

Can’t have a saga without me :slight_smile: Especially not the grand final. You know the dealie, Mr. Ga-lloway.

Name: Omega
Age: 16
Height: 5’10
Alignment: Neutral Good, bordering Lawful

Appearance: Sixteen year old teenager with tousled blonde hair, blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin. Wears traditional travelers’ clothes, usually cloth or leather because he likes to travel light. Wears an Armlet that nullifies Silence and Berserk.

Bio: A skilled fighter, traveling quest-taker, and an active member of RPGC. Omega’s idealism never dies adnd he takes a lighthearted approach to life, but is serious when need be. He’s an amazing tactician, but sometimes slips on mundane details. Omega loves quests, the harder the better, and his eagerness to pummel enemies causes him to be aggressive and at times reckless.

Power Level: Can’t decide an exact number, let’s just say really strong, end-of-the-game type (and yes, Wil gave me that idea) :stuck_out_tongue:
White Magic Level: 1
Black Magic Level: 10

Primary strengths: A walking, talking, offensive powerhouse. Omega knows high level offensive magic and is super fast with his katanas.
Primary weaknesses: Doesn’t know any healing or defensive magic and lacks severely in strength. He is, however, is surprisingly knowledgeable.

Could a relative newcomer sign up? I’ve seen these before and have always thought them interesting.

Age: 24
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 144 lbs.

Alignment: Essentially Neutral but will shift to Lawful or Chaotic as he pleases

Appearance: Wears long black hair to shoulder length. Has sharp, predatory features and tends to grin a lot. His attire consists of a long, flowing black robe that covers him from neck to ankles, a black under-tunic, black gloves, and black boots. His skin is pale, in sharp contrast to his clothing.

Bio: Little is known about this new figure other than he will aid anyone in a venture as long as they have money or the same interests in mind as he does. The people he associates with find him dark and brooding. The few that actually know him from before he became a wanderer call him Chengxiang, a title befitting the second-in-command of a powerful nation. Insubstantial as this is, it is one of the greatest clues to his origin. He wears a runed ring of enchanted truesilver on his left ring finger, but whether he is married or has been in the past is unknown. He has no direct magic power, but he has access to immense energies through his weapon. Where he got it from, just like most everything else about him, is unknown.

Equipment: One (1) runed ring of enchanted truesilver is worn on his left ring finger. When he desires to fight the ring’s enchantings transmute it into a truesilver spear blessed with divine holy powers. In addition to its monstrous combat power, the spear is capable of slicing through pure energy, something that few weapons today can do. When he is finished, the spear is transmuted back into the ring.

Power Level: 2500 with the ring, 17500 with the spear.
White Magic Level: 10 (divine holy powers are of the white magic category)
Black Magic Level: 0

Primary strengths: Extremely skilled at spearplay and is capable of using the full power of a holy weapon whether he is serving the Lawful or Chaotic.
Primary weaknesses: Cannot cast magic directly; his only contact with it is through his spear. He also does not usually allow himself to bond with others.

Hope this is good!

Heh… how am I going to pass this up?

Name: PC Glenton
Age: Looks around mid 20s. Still not sure about this
Height: 5’11"
Alignment: True Neutral, leaning toward Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: Like avatar, only more lithe, and sometimes wears shades

Bio: Keeps his background to himself, and prefers not to speak about it. But, what is known, from an incomplete diary, is that he escaped from some bio genitic factory, and learned thievery and related arts from a Hong Kong Triad. He also does not exist in any official records.

Currently working as a high-risk thief for hire via contract, and his own personal gain. Very cold and calculating, and does not consider morals or ethics in his jobs. Hates Valkyrie Esker, of course, for reasons that both may have forgotten.

Equipment: Two handguns, shades, sometimes grenades, grappling hook, thievery toolkit, misc. devices, depending on the job I am doing, the Dragon Tooth Sword, and spare ammo, and one foldable sniper rifle with the name Mia engraved on the hilt… Do not ask about the name, or you will just piss him off.

All gear stored in long leather jacket, minus the rifle, which is sling behind the back in a deep hole cut in the leather.

Power Level: 8 (no special powers, but stronger and faster then typical humans.)
White Magic: 0
Black Magic: 0

Primary Strengths: Quick, fast, lithe, and very sneaky. Can pick locks, disarm traps, all the thief abilities, and quite good at electronics and bluffing.
Primary Weakness: Can not use, understand, or wield magic. Offensive magic used against him seems very eager to kill him, while defensive magic seems reluctant to help, if it all. Still not sure why that is.

Name: Korey Hinson

Age: 25

Height: 5’11

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Long Blonde hair, Blue eyes, somewhat skinny, and always wares a complete Soviet Uniform.

Bio: As a boy he was placed in foster care. After seeing the horrable sides of Capatilism he became a Communist. He loves reading about WWII about the Japanese Navy, the German Luftwaffe and Panzers, and the Russians. He has combat experience as resistance member, although he was a leader he does not admit it since he does not like the attention. He served in the Philippines and later in India on the sides of the red fighters. After India he went to RPGC and found a good group of people who he considers family. Even though he feels some of them may hide how they truely feel about him he still respects them all. He’s basicly a nice guy who justs grew up on another side of town.

Equipment: AK-74M, PSM Pistol (A very small and light weight KGB pistol.), ammo, and a back pack.

Power Level: 7

White Magic Level: 0

Black Magic Level 0

Primary strengths: He has great skill at conducting raids, gun battles and other form of insurgent skills.

Primary weaknesses: Magic. He also tends to be over cautious and paranoid at the beginning of a new combat situation.

Name: Dizzy
Age: 22
Height: 6’3’’
Alignment : Neutral Evil, but trying to achieve True Neutrality.

Appearance: Tall, skinny, shaggy medium length black hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, wears a green tunic with a red robe emblazoned with communist propaganda. Robe is also hooded.

Biography: His origin is unknown, but has spent the last 6 months or so at RPGC trying to hone his skills at Time magic. Is also a talented cook, and a spriter. Is rumored to have traveled to the edges of the universe. In the current dimension, has traveled all across North America. Makes his home in an obscure desert diner on the planet called Filgalia III(see Wil’s RPGC Christmas Story) Enjoys drink and women. Dislikes Neo-conservativism and organized religion. Also spent two months in the streets of New York as an activist and advocate for not only the homeless but also the DNC. In addition to Knowledge of Time magic, knows basic white and black magic.
Not much of a physical fighter, but if forced into such, wields throwing knives.

Equipment: Staff of Time magic, Throwing knives, Robe of Clairvoyance/Clairaudience, Ring of Ethereal form, 2X/day(worn while time traveling to survive in the ethereal plane, also used to turn ethereal at will) Bag of Holding

Power Level: 420 in normal form, 35000 when ethereal (Has powers of Time magic in both forms)
White magic level: 2
Black Magic level: 2
Strengths: Decent white/black magic skills, good time magic skills, can turn ethereal twice a day, relatively fast
Weaknesses: is weak physically, not a good melee fighter, Time magic has a likelihood of missing sometimes(just like in FFT)

Well, d, I hope you won’t stop writing completely, your stories are pretty funny (while still being clever.) I think you just streched yourself too thin. Even I couldn’t keep up with all the stories, which is why I never joined The Future RPG, for instance. But you can certainly count me in here!

Name: Wilfredo Martinez, but everyone calls him Wil.
Age: Uncertain. Looks adult, but doesn’t act like one.
Height: 5’11"
Alignment: Neutral Good
Appearance: Dark hair, dark eyes, thick eyebrows. Wears normal clothes and (ocassionally) a green cape.
Bio: Born in Puerto Rico with the gift of magic, but misunderstood by his family, so he wandered into the multiverse, growing up to become a wise and powerful wizard. Eventually returned to Earth where he joined RPGC, where he is well respected. Later made up with his family, and is now helping his niece Makko develop her own magic talents.
Personality: Analitical mind, dedication to help innocents. Likes lame jokes.

Power Level: Typical PC-at-the-end-of-the-game level. (You figure how much is that in numbers.)
White Magic Level: 1. Sucks at healing.
Black Magic Level: 10. Destruction, on the other hand…

Primary strengths: Knows almost all kinds of spells (except Healing and Detection.) Knows a LOT of facts, not all of them useful. Knack for understanding people.
Primary weaknesses: Too self-sacrificed. Sometimes distracted by beautiful women.

Take your time and give us your best shot!

Name: Heaven’s Soldier
Age: 18
Height: 5’9"
Alignment: Lawful good

Appearance: Short spikey black hair, dark brown eyes. Wears most casual baige/blue clothes, but also wears small pieces of armour (namely bracers on his arms, and poleyns and greaves, protecting his knees and shins, respectfully).

Bio: Little is no about HS childhood (even he doesn’t remember it all). But what is known is that his father was a warrior, and his mother was from a race that closely resembled what people would call angels. Currently he is spending his time travelling aimlessly, hoping to find a meaning for his life. Before starting his travels he has bothed helped RPGC, and worked against (slightly), which is why he is currently so confused about his place in this world.
Has a rather laid back personality, only getting really worked up when something hits a sensitive nerve. Is also very helpful, if something is going on he wants to know if he can help, no matter what is going on in his life. Yet his personal problems wil still distract him, even when he is trying to focus on something else.
Is quite an impressive fighter with his dual katana skills (learnt from his father), and his ability to take to the air with ‘angel’ wings (inherited skill from his mother, also likes to refer to this as his “angelic advantage” in battle).

Power Level: Without using “angelic advantage” 12, with “angelic advantage” about 1500.
White Magic Level: 1 (Can use the very basic of healing spells, but only on himself)
Black Magic Level: 4 (Has the magical ability to manipulate lighting and wind, to a degree, when using his “angelic advantage”)

Primary strengths: Is an impressive fighter, in both ground and aerial battles.
Primary weaknesses: Lets himself get distracted by his personal quest for meaning, when he should be focusing.

There we go, Heaven’s Soldier is now waiting for the ‘Final’ Saga to commence.

EDIT: Editted armour, thanks to Pecival’s info, thanks buddy.

Name: Videospirit
Age: Several lifetimes
Height: 5’6"
Alignment: Chaotic Good)leaning towards chaotic neutral)
Appearance: As you look at me yours eyes dart across my strange figure, I seem to be pulsating with power. My skin is a golden texture somewhere between orange and blue and my light blond hair is trimmed so that my face and sideburns are completely free of hair yet my hair trails down to the top of my neck at the back. I wear a ghostly light blue suit of dragoon armour that seems to partially absorb the light that hits it. At my side hangs a purple katana made of a strange crystal that seems to draw all force that passes near into it. My Dark purple eyes go blue as I stare into the ethereal and with the flick of my hand my armour reverts into a Watery orb hanging from a silver chain around my neck revealing a very thin and light yellow spandex suit with golden dragons drawn onto it like tatoos. Suddenly a ball of fire flies towards me and my form explodes in a puff of mist, the fireball flies past and the shimmering mass of blue mist takes the shape of a floating Human.
Bio: I was once a normal human who had his soul amplified so that it was exactly equal to his body in strength. The soul fused with the body and all the memories and abilities of my past lives came with it. I found myself able to use an extraordinary amount of destructive magic and might of destroyed myself if I hadn’t been given a sancuary where I could come to grip with my newfound abilities without having to worry about blowing stuff up. I became attached to this place but when I was accidently dragged into a quest to save a small world I became highly exhilerated and spent a few hundred years flying around the multiverse being a “hero”. However, there is only so much time one can spend doing the same thing before it becomes dull and eventually I lost all will to continue fighting and settled down on a small world where I spent a few years relaxing and simply enjoying myself, until I met a young scientist named Salon who after tricking me into losing a bet aquired my assistance in aquiring a certain artifact he was having extreme difficulty obtaining and eventually I became a full time partner with him. Now, many adventures later Salon is an old man and Video has decided to embark on a new adventure. Together with his closest friends he’s opened up an academy on the new homeworld of the species he spent his very first lifetime as a member of.

Videospirit can be quite whiny and asks way too many questions. He gets bored extremely easily and once bored absolutely refuses to think before he acts and does extremely stupid things, like push random buttons. When focused he is extremely serious and becoems a force to be reckoned with, but finding something new and exciting to get him focused can prove to be quite a challenge.

Power Level (Hard to say, He can kill a “god” like one of the norse gods who were killed by mortals all the time, but against an omnipotent being like the Christian GOD he wouldn’t stand a chance so um 30000000000000000 if that god scale was right but in like dragon ball z terms maybe around 3000000, thats for magical potency though if it were a raw test of physical abilites he’s a measly 25000)
White Magic Level (3 for supportive abilities -1 for healing, I’ll explain if you ask)
Black Magic Level (10 anything that blows stuff up he can cast or learn really fast.)

Primary strengths (Magical abilities and spirit form)
Primary weaknesses (Holy and Etherbane attacks, easily bored)

Well, I enjoyed reading plenty of your other sagas, so I should love to be part of the last one.

Name: Sir Percival Rhyndon (also called Sir Percival the Gallant, and, archaically, Sir Percival of Wales)
Race: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: A strikingly handsome and gallant gentleman of a very strong, muscular, and clasically masculine build. He has blue eyes, and sandy blonde hair which comes down to an inch above his broad shoulders. When fully armed, he wears beautifully forged plate armour from head to toe, and usually otherwise wears late-mediaeval clothes (doublet, breeches, turnshoes). Almost always carries his bastard sword with him. Although often of serious countenance, he almost always noble and debonair. Usually rides his destrier, or war horse, (a thickly muscled white stallion) whither he travels.

Power Level: I am not wholly sure, so you can just make Sir Percival as powerful as you might imagine him to be. He has all the regular Dungeons and Dragons paladin abilities, although his magic resistance is perhaps a little higher than that of other paladins.

White Magic: Probably 4 or 5. His knows a good number of clerical spells pertaining to healing, protection, holiness, and light, but not like the number which a white wizard or cleric might know.

Black Magic: 0 (paladins do not learn these spells, as you probably know)

Biography: A paladin and former Knight of the Round Table, and one of the three knights who found the Holy Grail, Sir Percival is one of the most popular members of RPGC. He was born in Arthurian times to Welsh parents of noble blood (though he basically considers himself just British), although through various quests and adventures has found his way to modern times. He is unfailingly courteous and debonair, especially to ladies, but also to other noble warriors and heroes. He does, however, have a serious and deeply spiritual side as well. He lives in a land of deciduous forests and rushing rivers (like a mediaeval Wales of sorts) in a (probably stereotypical) large and beautiful late-mediaeval castle of white stone and blue turrets, peacefully reigning over some simple peasant farmers. Although sometimes absent from RPGC on quest, crusade, or pilgrimage, he always tries to visit his friends fairly often. Otherwise, Sir Percival is a typical knight who lives for jousting at tournaments, quests, battles against dragons, giants, and other legendary monsters, rescuing damsels in distress, dancing, lute-playing, horsemanship, falconry, fine food and wine, and other noble pursuits.

Primary Strengths:

  1. Very high physical strength and vitality. His body is very fit and muscular. He is able to take a lot of punishment and he inflicts heavy damage.
  2. Very good swordsman. Outstanding jouster and horseman.
  3. Excellent social and leadership skills. Very, very charismatic, diplomatic and influential. He makes an awesome leader. His physical appearance is also quite something, as well.
  4. Knowledgeable in several languages, history, literature, music, philosophy, aesthetics, and other late-mediaeval cultural things.

Primary Weaknesses:

  1. Not slow, but slower and less dextrous than many other members of RPGC. Certainly not fast.
  2. More vulnerable to dark/unholy-elemental attacks than others, if such attacks breech his defences.
  3. Can be witless sometimes, and acts more out of honour than reason and foresight.
  4. Very poor knowledge of science, technology, and mathematics. Tends to cause accidents when forced to use these things.
  5. Not strictly a weakness, but his archaic English idiom sometimes confuses others, although mostly others like it.

Equipment: Mostly, fifteenth-century knightly gear:

  1. A beautifully crafted golden-hilted bastard sword, which is a holy avenger.
  2. Other weapons which he uses including include a dagger and heavy lances (the latter when on horseback, obviously).
  3. A beautifully crafted suit of sterling full-plate armour of the Italian export harness design, lightly traced and damascened with a pattern of roses, toped with an armet of similar design. Possibly enchanted and/or blessed, but Sir Percival himself is unsure.
  4. An escutcheon (heraldic heater shield) bearing his coat of arms (they are blue and white), which, like his armour, may be enchanted and/or blessed. It seems to resist dragon fire well, he finds.
  5. All the finest tack and harness for his war horse, including a caparison and sterling beautifully crafted full bard (horse armour).
  6. As mentioned beforehand, Sir Percival owns a castle, with substantial forested lands around it. He lives quite well, although nowhere near to excess. His home, of course, lacks modern technology.

Name: Crotanks
Age: 16
Height: About 5’9"
Alignment: Neutral
Appearance: 5’9", 165 lbs, stout (muscle), and brown hair thats similar to bowl cut, but longer in the back
Bio: Has lived in Kentucky - land of magic, dragons, and rednecks - all his life. Easy going for the most part, but serious when need be. Skilled with a gun and in CQC (Close Quarters Combat). A strategic figher, but he usually just “goes with the flow.” Can use a sword if need be. In his spare time he studies, worksout, plays guitar, and flirts with women (though this happens even if not on his own time).

Power Level: (Going by the farmer thing for Human, eh? :P) Uh… I’ll say about 3500 normal, 7500 when pissed.
White Magic Level 4 (basic healing)
Black Magic Level 6 (whatever the hell you want here)

Primary strengths: Over analyzes things. Pretty confident. Sense of fidelity and pride.
Primary weaknesses: Over analyzes things. Can be a little too confident.

Btw, Gallow, when could I expect to see FFS3?

Name: Introduces himself as Darkness Beckons, which usually leads to him being called Beck, or Becks, both of which piss him off. He wouldn’t object to being called Darkness, or Beckons.
Age: 16/17 (He isn’t entirely sure)
Height: 6’1"
Appearance:He has shoulder lenght dark brown hair and sideburns. Because of the experiments, despite the amount he eats he only weighs in at 9 stone. He wears shadow type clothing, with a hood in place of the shroud. He wields a katana daito (long version) and another called a wakizashi, which is slightly shorter.
Bio: When he was young, he was taken by the government of your choice, who performed various experiments including, but not limited to, injecting him with various chemicals to see what’d happen. What happened was he gained speed and endurance and, after a while, strength. He eventually escaped after using shadow magic, CT style. He doesn’t speak much, but what he does is usually sarcastic. He rarely speaks unless spoken to, unless he feels he has something constructive to add. Since last time, he has discovered the ability to travel through shadows, though he can’t fully control it yet. It has made him wanted as either a spy or a weapon, so he generally lives in a nameless rural area in Ireland, where noone know who he really is.

Power level: I’d say about 100
White magic:1
Black magic: 8

Primary strenghts: The ability to travel through shadows and his sword skill are his main ones, because he doesn’t fully understand the magic. His speed and stuff helps.

Primary weaknesses: Holy magic and women. He’s a teenager, what do you expect? His reclusiveness can make it hard for him to work with others, sometimes.

When I can get a working PS2. My current one won’t play ANYTHING. I’m looking into having a pro look at it, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just save up for another one.

In other words: Not anytime soon.

Yo. Sign me up, slappy!

Name: Dude
Age: 14
Height: almost 6 ft.
Alignment: Lawful, good
Appearence: Looks nerdy. Has glasses and a bit gaunt. Bushy eyebrows, but has eyelashes that girls would kill to have. Wears normal clothes. Has a nice smile that cheers almost anyone up.
Bio: Normal except for extremely strong magic. Also fights with a shield. (like Goofy from Kingdom Hearts, but with more finesse) Nothing really strange. He went to a magic school where he excelled. He is cheerful and has a sense of humor. The sense of humor can lead to some smart-ass remarks, but knows when the time to be one has come or passed.
Power Level: 200
White Magic: 10
Black Magic: 10
Edit: He has the abilities of a White Mage with a Black Mage as a secondary job from FFT or FF5.
Primary Strengths: Very good at magic of all kinds. His shield is mostly used for defense purposes, but can be used for attacks although they can’t do much damage.

Weakness: Somewhat slow. Shield attacks are weak. Can’t take many hits at all (thank God for magic shields). Spells take a while to set up. No dexterity at all when using a weapon other then a shield.

Name: Arac
Race: Shapeshifter
Age: Pick a number between one and 100,000
Alignment: Chaotic, and self-suiting (not necessarily evil, he just doesn’t get attatched to others, and feels no responsibility for them)
Appearance: Arac’s shape is everchanging, although he prefers either the shape of an Argonian (from the Elder Scrolls series), or a metal-covered, golem-like form resembling Scud.
Bio: Arac has lived a thousand lives, and has a thousand pasts, all to suit his his needs at the time. For a while, he claimed to be the son of Arachaniel, the lord of a subterranean spider race (don’t worry, they’re not a drow rip-off, the spiders and skin colours are the only things they share). For another time, he was a rogue who had amassed a horde of deadly magical items in his travels, one of which supposedly gave him his shapeshifting powers. He was once a rebel, who forged his own enchanted blade (to this day, he claims to have forged Amari, only the circumstances change) to slay the cruel tryanny of wizards that ruled his home nation. Another time, he was a demon who faught his way out of hell for a love he couldn’t have (this was primarily a pity story, used to bum free drinks off patrons who’d had a few for themselves). Another claim is that a supernatural power sent him to Earth to do it’s work, but he took his own course upon arrival. In his rare moments of honesty, Arac admits he doesn’t know his real past anymore, or his true shape. The only thing consistant in all of his stories is that he lost his soul many years ago, in ‘a gypsy’s bargain.’ He never states any more than that, even what he means by the term. All that is certain is that he would like it back, and is amassing the resources to wage quite a war for it, apparently.

Power Level: Like many others, I cannot give an exact number. Arac is vaguely immortal. His other abilities may change with shape; he can become quite physically strong, dexterous, and more, however, he can’t gain many true powers. In other words, he won’t win every battle he fights, not even most of them, if they’re against powerful foes, but he doesn’t ever lose, or at least, very rarely does he lose.
White Magic: 4 (He can cast any spell from a scroll, but none without one. Basically, likea DnD rogue witha very high ‘Use Magic Devices’ skill.)
Black Magic: The same as white magic.

Primary Strength: The ability to transform himself or any inanimate object into any shape he wishes. He may no change the magic properties of an item, or take on the abilities of his new form; if he changed to a Dragon, he would have thick scales, sharp teeth, etc., but would not have any of the dragon’s powers; it’s a physiologic change only. His swords are very well enchanted. Does not trust anyone.

Primary Weaknesses: Without his swords and other items, he has almost literally no offensive power. He has little common sense and even less caution; only through the natural anomoly of his form is he still alive. Does not trust anyone, but will help beautiful women against his better judgement.

Notable Equipment: The dual longswords, Einn and Amari, the former strikes with greatly aggrivated kinetic energy, posesses an undulling blade, sometimes leeches the life from it’s victim, wounds it gives are said to never fully heal (although these could be romours Arac has started for one reason or another), and it has other magical porperties that reveal themselves when they are needed; the emrald blade Einn is as versatile as it’s master. Amari, on the other hand, is simple an ever-sharp blade with the ability to shield its user from any magical effects he does not wish to have, so long as it is drawn. Arac holds Einn in his left (dominant) hand, and Amari in his right.

EDIT: Anything I have listed as a ‘it may be’ is yours to decide. Arac lies through his teeth, most of the time, and does it well. So, basically, you can have him say whatever you want about himself. His personality it deeply cynical, embittered, and pessimistic. He tends to wear a hangdog grin if his face permits, and has a penchant for melancholy, gallows humour. In a singe sentacne, Arac is the type of person who enjoys prefers to lose, when gambling. The concept of love sickens him above all else. That last bit, about love, is very important.
Arac gets along best with those who aren’t very much like him, or who share his beliefs, but aren’t similar in many other ways.

Name: Yar Kramer.
Age: 17.
Height: 6’2"
Alignment: Chaotic Good, leaning towards True Neutral
Bio: He’s an easygoing wiseguy with little to no respect for authority. He claims not to respect anyone else, either. He may say he respects certain beliefs or philosophies or attitudes or skills, but he says he won’t show any /personal/ respect. Still, when the situation calls for it, he’ll at least show the bare minimum of respect necessary. I’d also like to use the word “goofball” somewhere in here.
Apart from that, he tries to get along with people, to make friends and such. He’s almost always in a good mood, as he holds dear the notion that “Angst is something that happens to other people.” (I have an aversion to angst, really.) However, he doesn’t really laugh, either. A “heh” is to him what a guffaw is to, say, Jet Black. Also, he claims to be somewhat vain (and may come off as arrogant to some).
There isn’t much that can get him upset, and if he /does/ get upset, he merely expresses it by being more rude than usual. As mentioned before, he’s a better fighter when upset; and if something especially vulnerable, such as a school or orphanage, is attacked, he’s going to go berserk. Same as if he gets a girlfriend.

Primary weapon: Elegant WEAPON

Power Level: 7500
White Magic Level: 5
Black Magic Level: 7

Primary strengths: Adaptability. The immense difficulty in getting him annoyed. His skills seem to increase when he’s protecting someone.
Primary weaknesses: He does NOT like racism, or prejudice of any kind for that matter. This is pretty much the only thing that’s going to get him really angry.

Oh what the hell. It’s the last hurrah, so this is going to have significant changes.

Name: StarStorm
Age: Unknown. Looks to be in his early 20s
Height: Almost six feet.
Alignment: Neutral Good(?)
Appearance: Doesn’t look anything like he used to be. Now he’s a fully fledged catperson, with jet-black fur.
Bio: Read the previous Sagas. From there…

For some reason, StarStorm has changed significantly. While he remains playful, his playfulness has taken a more sinister edge. He happily and cheerfully manipulates people, giving or witholding information as he desires. Tends to pop in with a bit of information at the right time, giving people the feeling that he knows more than he lets on. That said, he lets on little unless it’s nessecary to achieve the ends he desires.

He still communicates with and controls cats. Along with his shapeshifting ability (to various cats of many sizes, as well as a Bastet-like Crinos form) cats are his spies and friends. He’s distanced himself from his old group… what exactly he is up to is a closely guarded secret.

His actions are controlled to get the best outcome he wishes from people. He rarely fights now, even if in danger, preferring to run and hide, and ambush others. When expecting a fight, he lays so many traps that it’s almost unnessecary for him to throw a single blow. When outmatched, he simply runs. He’s exceptionally skilled at hiding and trapping, and does his level best to get the best estimation of his opponent. To put it simply, if he doesn’t want to be found, you’re not about to find him.

Power Level: Unknown. He fights only when he must, and quickly escapes if an opportunity presents itself.
White Magic Level: Unknown. He uses little to no magic.
Black Magic Level: Unknown. He uses little to no magic.

Primary strengths: Fast and has an uncanny sense of other people’s personality and abilities. Has an excellent intuition about what people will do from one moment to the next, and how best to make them do what he wishes. Thinks and plans very quickly and very throughly.
Primary weaknesses: Possibly very weak in a fight. Uses no weapons and armor outside of the claws he has. Doesn’t fight if at all possible however.

Oh, and just so you know, this will be MUCH more serious than normal, so don’t make up anything TOO ridiculous.