final fantasy

why don’t we have a group project and make dungeons and dragons final fantasty rpgc edition 1 or what ever title is good making races like.

Half espers.
Cait sithes.
And those red dogs.

Classes and worlds.
So how about it.

Have a glance.

Why do something someone else has already done, wink

Yeti’s already exist in DnD anyway. They’re Oriental.

Those red dogs are called Bangaas
Plus I have other ideas for races/classes and i will use your quote to improvise
Nu Mou
Frogs(even though this is from Chrono Trigger, I just want to play a Frog)

I think also changing the name of the base abilities to fit FF may suffice as well but that is open to suggestion
Power = Strength
Mind = Intelligence
Vitality = Constitution
Agility = Dexterity
not sure what to call wisdom and charisma…open for suggestions

And for saving Throws should we use 2e or 3e?

Knight - Ability score minimum Str 13, Wears any armor, uses knives/swords/axes
Black Mage - Ability Score minimum Int 13, Wears robe, uses Daggers/rods
White Mage - Ability Score minimum Wis 13, wears robe, uses staves
Time Mage - Ability Score Minimum Int 15, wears robe, uses rods
Monk - Ability Score Minimum Str 13, Con 15, wears light armor, uses hands/claws
Ninja - Ability score minimum Int and Dex 13, Cha 15, wears light armor, uses ninja weapons
Thief- Ability Score minimum Dex 13, wears light armor, uses daggers/short swords
Paladin - Ability Score minimum Str and wis 13, Cha 17, wears any armor, uses Knives/swords/axes
Summoner - ability Score minimum Int and wis 15, wears robes, uses staves/rods
Lancer - Ability Score min Str and Dex 13, wears heavy armor(without movement penalty), uses Spears
Archer - Ability Score min Dex 15,wears light armor, uses bows/crossbows
Machinist - ability score min dex 15, wears light armor, uses pistols
Gunner - ability score min str 13 dex 15 , wears light and heavy armor, uses all guns
Bard - ability score min int/dex13, wears light armor, uses musical instrument
Fencer- ability score dex/cha 13 wears light armor, uses rapiers
Specialty Classes
Lune Knight
Holy Knight
Divine Knight
Dark Knight
Red Mage/magic fencer
Blue Mage
Magical knight

We can always improvise on these lists too… remember that this will be D&D on Steroids…so leveling up is going to be much different(the whole 1250-2500 xp for level 2 will probably not apply in this campaign

sorry this list is so long, but these are suggestions and in order to put together a good campaign we do need ideas…i have more, but it would take me all night to post them

dammit, all this for naught

The problem with calling Dex Agility is that it doesnt describe all the things that DEX does. Dex is also the main tool for doing crafty things with your hands. Just cause you are agile doesnt mean you are good with your hands, you’d have to be dexterious for it.

The best thing to do is just run a damn D&D game and make it take place in a final fantasy world. Its easy and you dont waist time on crap that wont matter in the long run.

I’ve always had problems with that, DEX covers too much things at once. You could make two different stats: Dexterity, and Agility, but maybe that’s complicating things too much.

Trying to fix D&D complicates things more than just going with what was already done well. While yes, its not perfect, it is alot easier to find people to play with instead of teaching every new player some fabricated half baked system that usually doesnt cover every scenario like D&D’s rule books do.

Dex definatly covers to much.

Maybe, but it wont complicate things nearly as much as an amature tabletop game system…

Why not.

I’m not going to go into an in depth conversation as to WHY “AMATURE” D&D-ish systems suck… But the big reason is that people get so caught up in making somthing that isnt D&D that they forget what makes a system solid, like “OMFG LETS MAKE A FINAL FANTAZY SYSTAM!!!1111”.

Gamers annoy me less when they stop worrying so much about making somthing similar to a specific game and focus more on just telling the story well… Which is why I’m doing FFT in D&D with no alterations. Making new systems is not only too time consuming, but wont get any where in the grand scheme and its retarded for you to have a system that people are unfarmilliar with and would have to learn just to play a game like that.

Hrm… Relearn an entire system and play a half baked game… or? Play a game in a system we already know where the GM has spend 100% of his time on story and plot rather than making leet new system to play teh game!

I used to be with Returnergames before being banned, and let me tell you, they’re damned good at what they do.

give him a break Iz, he’s only 11 :thud:

Who ever told Hades to take a break on the countless preschools he burnt to the ground?

If only I had a D&D group to play with :-/

DUDE, you like Maiden and Rammstien, I’d run a campaign that you could play in if you lived in Washington, lol