Final Fantasy XIII-2

The first time since FFXII Revenant Wings we get a sequel. Like with it and FFX-2, we get new characters: Noel Kreiss and Alyssa. But unlike the sequel games, Serah Farron(Lightning’s sister who was a crystal for most of the game) is the main character while Lightning has her own story within the Invisible World.

E-3 Unleashed a trailer, depicting Serah and Noel fighting a monster called Atlas(Paradox Alpha) and Lightning battling the Eidolon Chaos Bahamut.

Unfortunately, there’s a reason why I didn’t feel like making a thread for this game earlier. It mostly revolves around the feeling that this game was basically patched together from the leftovers of the last game.

Basically, I don’t see this game addressing any of the major, deep-rooted flaws that XIII had.

I’m cautiously optimistic. I just read a good first impression article in Game Informer from a guy who played a demo at E3. It looks like they added towns and I kinda like the idea they have with the moogle timer for pre-emptive strikes. Also battles will be more than shifting paradigms (although they still exist) due to the button sequences for special attacks. I’m sure we’ll see/hear more as Squenix has seeming been more open to giving out details this time around before releasing the game.

From what I’ve heard so far about the towns is that Squeenix doesn’t want to go back to the towns like the ones found in FFs IX and earlier. Meaning that they’ll likely make towns into either glorified gas stations alongside the highway of game progression, or just implement one tiny/sparsely populated village to serve as your sole glimpse to a larger world consisting entirely of dungeons you’ll be crawling through for the other 97% of the game.

Well, for those who have not seen it, here are E3 videos of Serah and Noel in the Bresha Ruins within Cocoon. They deal with a “fal’Cie Titan”-like mechanoid called Atlas.

Part-1: Serah & Noel vs. a nearly invisible Atlas

Part-2: Feral Link, Temporal Rifts, and a final confrontation with Atlas

Man, the bots are so pessimistic lately!

I have low hopes for the new one, but I’ll buy play and beat it anyway cos I’m a fucking sheep like that :frowning:

Another new trailer has appeared. It features cameos by Hope and the mysterious man Lightning battled in the first trailer.

Two new trailers

Noel: Jason Marsden
Caius: Liam O’Brien (Kain of FFIV)

“Promise:” The return of Snow and future Hope.

“Despair”: More on the game’s antagonist Caius.

Care level: 0. Sorry, SE.

I care more about FFXIII-2 than your game. Sorry Spooniest.

The latest trailer. Caius is really becoming the “new Sephiroth” as the game’s creators intended him to be the “strongest enemy in the game series”. But if this is gonna be like “New Coke” vs. “Coke Classic” depends on February of next year. Also, if you hate Moogles, the game has a “Moogle-Throw” minigame.

The Game will be out in Japan in a matter of days, a month and a half before we do. But Caius is really proving an interesting villain homage to those before him like Garland and Sephiroth.

FFXIII-2 Trailer: The Battle in Valhalla

The game’s out now. Pretty impressive, plus there are multiple endings to choose from.