Final Fantasy XI help - game not required :P

Um, I live in England and just heard that FF11 was released in America online recently. First of all does anyone reckon it’ll make it to England because unlike some mmorpg haters out there I’m really lookin forward to this game. Second of all would an imported copy of the pc game work on my pc in england, I think it would but I don’t wanna waste my money.

help… plz

It’ll come to England yet, just gotta wait a little longer, you know it’ll be out before X-Mas.

Last I heard there is no confirmed date for FFXI in england. It is my understanding it will be released in both UK and Austrailia at the same time.

I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Square have made no real noises about FFXI in Europe, then again, they very rarely make any noises about European conversions in general :thud: we’ll get it, alright, but Easter 04 at the earliest

Hmm i hope so…
But would an imported american ff11 game of the pc version work in England - i know on the Ps2 it wouldn’t but what about PC?