Final Fantasy X: Wacky Subtitles

I got myself a holiday gift – a DVD of FFX recorded in movie-format. One problem: I thought it was an official product, but it turned out to be some sort of weird bootleg. It’s nice having the original Japanese voices, but the subtitles are VERY VERY ODD.

As in, so badly translated they’re funny.

I decided to make a gallery of them to share. Here’s just a few excerpts:

Amused? There’s a lot more on the Final Fantasy Funny Fansub Gallery.

Oh God, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard on a Sunday Morning. The neighbors will think I’m crazy. (If they didn’t already.) :wink:

The Wakka video was my favorite.

Thanks, Auronlu!

Oo-ee-oo-a-ah, bing-bang wallawallabing-bang! :hahaha;

Hong Kong subs.

This is nothing, you should see the GaoGaiGar and Zeta Gundam HK jobs.


And yet no one got a good feeling. :frowning:

Originally Posted by Seraphim Ephyon
[i]This is nothing, you should see the GaoGaiGar and Zeta Gundam HK jobs.


That reminded me of several episodes of Mazinger Z that had a questionable transration that I saw earlier this year.

“Are you well? He not get up anymore! ;_;”

I’ve only had the pleasure once - Star Ocean 2 anime. Just brutal. Spellings of “Ashton”:



Oww… It’s the first time I saw such kind of translation in a game…

If it helps, the Chinese text makes perfect sense. Whoever decided to make it bilingual, however, was armed only with Babelfish and no knowledge of English.

I saw many of those DVDs at Pacific mall years ago.

P Mall also has a poster of Prince of Tennis that reads like this: “Cool Boy Genius with History of Winning Consecutively”

I love that mall… so much bubble tea. Taro is the best 0.o:biggrin:

I’ve had better bubble tea, but the food there is cheap and good enough to warrant visits

For those not in the know, Pacific mall is the largest Chinese Mall in all of the Americas.