Final Fantasy VII??

Can i just ask what is up with all these FFVII releases? What are they? I know Advent Children but what is Crisis Core? Is it a PSP game, a PS2 game or a film? Is Last Order just an anime film or is it going to be a game as well? And what is up with Dirge of Cerberus? What is it? Finally will they all be coming out in the UK? Any help would be appreciated

Well Dirge of Cerberus is a PS2 game based on Vincent’s story. Last Order is just an anime movie. Well for Crisis Core I believe it is a PSP game.
When they come out to North America, it wont be long until they come out to the U.K maybe 1-3 months later. It’s just a estimate

thanks chocobo i was starting to get really confused…

Based on Vincent? That must be the first good idea I’ve heard, concering FFVII sequels.

I’m pretty sure it’s a rail shooter.

Last Order is a short (half hour) anime episode which shipped with FF7AC, but only in Japan. It’s also the basis of Crisis Core, which will be a PSP game. Dirge of Cerberus is a PS2 game recently released in Japan, which indeed stars Vincent and is a sort of hybrid RPG-first person shooter. Can’t help you with any PAL release dates, sorry. 8-\

so will Crisis Core eventually become a PS2 game? like GTA:LCS? i hope it does cause i dont have a PSP and im not getting one for one game

There’s no plans for it now.

ok, looks like ill just have to keep my fingers crossed. thanks for the help

OK now ive heard about these on the internet so can i ask the good people of FFC some more stuff?
OK, is FFVII Last Order the same as FFVII Final Order? What format is the FFVII remake on? Does FFVII Before Crisis exist and if so, what is it?

I appreciate any help because im VERY confused

RPG/FPS? If that means System Shock I’m cool with it.

  1. I’ve never heard of Final Order, but it’s most likely the same as Last Order.
  2. There is no FF7 remake. Square Enix has denied that any of these rumors are true. They did have a demo of the PS3 which remade an FF7 scene, but an actual game is not currently in the works.
  3. Before Crisis does exist; it’s a game that was only released for mobile phones in Japan. They have announced that they’re bringing it Stateside, but not to which phones yet.

Actually, I read recently in EGM that there is actually an FF7 remake in the works for PS3. At first they denied a remake and said it was just a tech demo, but it would seem they are actually going to do it.

Ok thanks everyone. i must say i’m a little disappointed…i was looking forward to playing more FFVII games… oh well

Shinobi: That’s still just a rumor. Nothing has been announced yet.

Why? One is more than enough.

Because its a great game…because it has a great story and characters…and I would like to see more FFVII games and movies because its my personal fav Fantasy and has my two fav characters in it.Thats why

Who are your faves?

Tifa is my fav but Cloud is my 2nd fav

With the bad buzz on PS3, I wonder if Sony’s keeping a FFVII remake in its back pocket just in case. Just a theory.