Final Fantasy VII... for the NES?

Damn, this is something else.

I think it’s, um, an interesting challenge for the programmer, taking the first of the 3D and turning it into something like the first of the 2D. As far as actually playing it, though … After reading the full review of it, I think that the most it really has going for it is novelty, which I can see running out really quickly.

I’ve actually thought of this idea too, though in my fantasy, it was for the SNES.

I’m far more amazed at the sheer amount of power that they managed to squeeze out of the hardware. Just getting half of that game onto a single cartridge is simply incredible. Plus I’m finding this version less repelling than the original version.

Though what they should’ve done was to use three cartridges like the original used three CD disks. Then they could’ve been a little more faithful to the source materia.

Originally Posted by Curtis
I’ve actually thought of this idea too, though in my fantasy, it was for the SNES.

Was it your ‘Final Fantasy’? 8P

Never underestimate the power of programmers with way too much free time on their hands. I’m sure it was either this or WoW.

I laughed when I saw he gif.ed aeris’ death. Interesting review.

Funny find.

Street Fighter 2 was released for the Sega Master System.

Street Fighter Alpha on Gameboy Colour.

And yes, Capcom seemed to love the 8-bit systems. They scrapped but had a relatively good looking version of Resident Evil on Gameboy Colour.

3DRealms made a gag cart of Duke Nukem Forever. (I know, this one’s fake)

I’m playing it, and it’s not too shabby compared to FF1. If only some Chinese-savvy fanboy would translate it.

What’s to translate? Just have a copy of the English version of the script at the ready and you should be able to get by. Even the commands should function similarly and found in comparable locations to the original.

It’s not hard to figure out what to do, assuming you’ve played FF7 a few times. It’s just hard to enjoy a story-driven game with NES-era graphics and generic music, and a somewhat neutered combat system, when you have to cross-reference a script.

This reminds me of a thread I saw some time ago about an 8-bit version of FFX… don’t know what happened to that project though.

If I remember correctly it had incurred the mighty wrath of Squeenix and was forcibly canned.

No, that was the 3D Chrono Trigger one … or did 8-Bit FFX go down the same way?

You could be right. It may have just been that Chrono game, but if I’m remembering it correctly they both went the same way.

The project was called Chrono Resurrection:

And thanks for reminding me about it, Killmore. Now I have a fresh supply of bile to fuel my consuming hatred for everything. Goddamn fucking Square-Enix lawyers - I hope to god that the actual developers weren’t against the project. I can’t allow myself to hate them too.

I imagine Square’s business types did a cost-benefit analysis of a fan-made CT clone and decided it came out negative. The lawyers have no say in whether Square allows fan-made projects to go through; they’re just enforcers. Based on the quote, I doubt that <i>game-makers</i> were involved in the decision either.

I’m sure Square wants to reserve the possibility of making a DS or PSP Chrono Trigger with 3d graphics, and doesn’t want its thunder stolen by a PC version that might be better (due to new music, etc.) This makes sense from a business standpoint. You could counter that a fan-made CT remake would spur, not detract from, interest in an actual remake. Another argument is that Square should allow CT:Resurrection to go through, on the condition that it be sold and Square receive loyalties. Maybe other conditions too, like having advertisements in the intro for Square’s upcoming games. I’d buy it.

That was nothing more than a bunch of mockup screens.

You know … I once had an idea for an 8-bit FF8. In RPG Maker. At one point I was gonna have a random NPC say “WARRIORS, revive the power of the ORBS!” and Squall says “Whatever.” I’m glad this never got off the ground …

I don’t think any company has ever copped rights on a doujinshi game. Companies are far too paranoid about their intellectual rights to allow some other development team to go through with it, unless there’s a giant mind-melting contract which was initiated by Square and which would generally strip all the life and rights away from the fan group. So either a game slips by under the radar and gets ignored by the company, or it gets squashed.

Most fanmade games don’t involve professional programmers, artists and musicians cooperating to produce a valuable and polished product, free of charge. Most fan remakes are, as seen in this thread, lower-quality renditions of previous games with obsolete graphics. Companies ignore them because such poor imitations of games are unlikely to detract from future sales of these games.

CT:Resurrection is a high-quality remake with <i>modernized</i> graphics and audio. That’s why Square felt threatened by it. The very reason that Square felt it necessary to close the project, is the reason why Square should pause to consider taking advantage of the project. It’s just that good. In my opinion, a company that refuses what’s essentially a gift of free and high-quality labor from its fans is not exploiting its resources effectively.