Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

I understand that perfectly, and I agree with you there. I was talking to Barret VII.

Oh, quoted the wrong post, sorry.

Damn the Final Fantasy VII sequals are getting out of hand

I’ve got Tetris on my phone - Great Russian Game. But I’ve Seen 2d Ports of the Big Multi console games and clones of Old Great games, some times with a twist.

As A gamer I saw that Nokia had a Great Idea with the N-Gages, But since that the Uk mainly are console gamers, game releases are low, and are Varitaions to Orginal Vertions. Plus They Messed Up Marketing. Basicly Nokia hasn’t Given me any Drive to buy one.

Big Nutter
And I thought I was a bit far turning Tekken to 2d for the GBA… but my phone… holy… cow

My cell phone is so old it can’t support games, and I’m too broke/lazy/(insert adjective here) to go get a new one.

I don’t know, I know I’ll get over it eventually like I always do. But I would have preferred FF games to remain on the console/handheld/PC front. Now exactly what kind of phone will I have to buy to play this cell phone FF game?

Probably none, as I doubt it’ll come out in the US. Cell phone games haven’t caught on here at ALL.

I wonder what it is gonna cost… It’s a mobile game after all, so it shouldn’t be “that” much… But im not gonna buy it, so why care.