Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Dunno if this has been brought up yet, but here’s an excerpt from EGM:

<b>Fulfilling Another Fantasy</b>
The <i>Final Fantasy VII</i> fanboys must be in their glory. Not only will Square Enix release spin-offs in the form of a CG-animated movie (<i>Advent Children</i>) and a PlayStation 2 shooter starring antihero Vincent Valentine (<i>Dirge of Cerberus</i>) by the end of 2005, the company also just announced a <i>FFVII</i>-based action-RPG for the PSP. Unfortunately, all we know is that the game is titled <i>Crisis Core</i> and it will arrive on Sony’s handheld in 2006. Wonder if by that time Square will produce the one thing fans really desire: a true sequel to this PS1 role-playing classic.

Discuss 'n stuff.

That just reeks of selling out. Not only have they added yet another sequel, they’ve run out of original names. Before Crisis=Crisis Core=Me sad. Oh well, one can still hope it’ll be good.

Yeah, it’s been posted before but we still know nothing about it. Looks like a desperate measure to make people buy that crappy console though.

Nothing in the entire world will ever make me buy a PSP. I don’t care if they re-released Star Ocean on it. I’ll stick wih my GBA until I decide that it’s time for me to buy a DS.

What i said a month ago:

SE calls it: " deploying a polymorphic content".
Maybe we all should become polymorphic consumers?

There are apprently a ton of problems with the PSP units, hardware-wise. Major (as in dozens of them) dead pixel problems, badly-contrusted analog sticks, and general sloppiness in it. I’d wait until the first few ‘editions’ (or whatever they call them) have shipped and they’ve gotten rid of some of the problems.

I actually played on a pre-order DS during French today, and must say I was not impressed. The graphics, although good, are not something I care much about in a game. So long as I can tell what’s going on.
All that I can say good about it other than that: the control system was designed poorly for both left and right handed people.

There’s been reports of DS’s having dead pixels too. I actually plan on buying a PSP when it comes out (gonna wait until some trustworthy sources review it first though). Until then, its still on my list. I know about the battery life, but if it comes with an AC adapter it’s all good (hell, I don’t really take my GBA anywhere that I need it to be charged for 10 hours, so a 4-5 hour battery life on the PSP isn’t that bad to me). But those are just my thoughts.

From what I’ve heard and seen of Crisis Core, it seems to be revolving around the turks (I think) and will only be rel;eased in Japan (I’m pretty sure about this) But that’s only from what I’ve heard. I love watching the G4 Tech channel. And on the Ds, PSP debate, DS for me, as soon as they start getting more games out for it. When looking for a portable game system, i’m looking for a game system and not “the next walkman”

I think you mixed it with Before Crisis, the cellphone game. There’s still no info available about Crisis Core besides for the name and console.

Oh, yeah i probably did mix it up. sorry 'bout that. My brains fault, not mine.

The PSP battery life is now 6 hours. The price also went down too…
I learn a lot during French class =P. The best part is that I still have an A.

What year of French are you in right now? I’m in French III.

Just stop with the FFVII sequels. Advent Children I could live with, but this is going a bit too far don’t you think?

I agree. I just hope that they don’t actually make an FF cell phone game :-/

If they did, my soul (had I not sold it for $5 and a cookie) would probably cry.

I’m in French I, but probably should be in II. They said I had to test out, and I thought:
‘If I don’t do the test, not only do I not have to take a test now, but I can do no work or studying all year, and get an A…’
So, I’m in French I.
I did the same thing in math.

Go ahead and cry, then, because it’s already been made: FF1 was released for cell phone some time ago. FF7 Before Crisis as been in the works for some time. Why exactly is this such a horrible thing? Cell phone games aren’t big in the US, but in Japan they’ve been all the rage for ages. There’s Street Fighter cell phone games, Tekken, I think even a Phantasy Star at some point. It’s a legitimate platform.

  1. I don’t have a cell phone.
  2. The concept of cell phone games is OK, but I really don’t like the concept of playing FF on a cell phone :-/

Can you explain why?

It’s not an FF cell phone game, it’s ANOTHER FF7 game that was my problem. Advent Children was a cool idea. Dinge of Cerebus I could take. This is just getting out of hand, now.