Final Fantasy VII Banned in Texas

How can we tell if this is fake? Do you really think CNN, a news channel would make a joke about a video game?

That’s not The webpage header says so, but look at the URL. Someone downloaded’s web stylesheet and made an authentic looking news page. It’s not at all hard to do.

Tell bush I said:

“Hey Bush, those are Aeons. Not demons. The satanic things are all enemies.”

Tell him I also said:

“Hey Bush, stop being a narcoleptic gaywad!!!”

Mother: “This game is not appropriate for children!!! Look at the size of Tifa’s breasts!!!”

Father: “I’ve been calculating that this whole time. 16” diameter…Mmmmm…"

i actually believed it until i read that part about mario being unable for comment…
funny, yet unsettlingly possible.

tifas breast were unavailable for the comment.

Lefty: “We don’t want to get mixed up in this.”

Mr Right: “I’m filled with anger and milk!!!”

Here’s the follow-up story.

Dalton, you didn’t tell me you work for the fear mongering media machine! :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone banned FF7 I would relinquish their heads.

Borrowed for gags Later.

I have been making News In Great Britan and rest of the World via the web.

I heard that BBC1 (Which the channel that News program was showing) is Shown in some EU other countries.

I could see them banning something like GTA, but a Final Fantasy game is stupid. Makes you wonder about how much of society is run by games/entertainment, though.