Final Fantasy VI - Stand Guard

This is a revision of Final Fantasy III US v1.1, made using LordJ’s excellent FF3usME, and many patches found on this site and elsewhere. It took two and a half months to finish, and there are three patches: one for Easy, one for the original game’s difficulty, and one for Hard. It was my intention to bring the presentation of the game in line with later games in the series, and I re-wrote a bit of the dialog for color.

Short List of Changes:

You may now dash with the cancel button
The font has been changed (Comic Sans)
Spells, items, monsters, etc. have been changed
Gau may now return from any monster formation with less than 6 monsters
Gogo’s command select no longer has a yellow streak in it
Many typos, errors, etc. were corrected
The text has been formatted so that you may name characters whatever you like
The graphics have been changed back to the original game’s uncensored graphics

This is the relevant download link:


  • Spooniest

What did you change?

Please see the Read Me for a list of changes.

Perhaps it would be helpful if I explained a bit better what this is here for.

I liked the font in Sky Render’s hack, but I think the opinion is more or less unanimous that the script was atrocious. In addition, the GBA script, while professionally polished and beautifully written, is difficult to fit into the SNES rom without advanced hacking techniques that would probably cause me to spontaneously combust, were I to try and figure them out.

So I rewrote the script, dropped in many of the GBA changes, and threw a dash of color on top. There are distinct gameplay changes (some are bugs that became features once they were documented), but nothing earth-shattering. This is, for the most part, the Final Fantasy III you remember from the SNES…just what you might call “Re-Woolseyized.”


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I’ve taken you as far as I’m going.

Is this better? Someone with the handle vivify93 edited my font for me, and explained to me how to drop it in. I’ll be putting this up on on October 1st. Hope y’all enjoy it.

I admit that I have no experience designing a font, and if you search “Final Fantasy VI Stand Guard” on google, you’ll eventually run into a Russian site that has screens of my first attempt. I was using Courier, and it was ugly as hell.

Then I tried using Times, and it was ugly as hell.

So you guys’re lucky that somebody with some eye for this sort of thing came along and offered his services. I’ll no longer be assaulting yer eyes with my horrible fonts.

Look for it October 1st!

Do you add a few sound changes? Like using Kefka’s laugh and music from Dissidia?

I am not possessed of such a skill. No, the soundtrack is entirely intact.

Here’s more screens!

I’ll be submitting it to on October 1st.

Version 3.0 is up.

Get it here: - Hacks - Final Fantasy VI: Stand Guard