Final Fantasy VI Remake: Voice Acting Cast?

This is the cast that I thought would be a good fit. Most of them would be returning from FFIV DS, because I felt that the voice acting in that was very very good.

Kefka: Mark Hamill
Terra: Jennifer Hale (Metroid Prime)
Celes: Emilie-Clarie Barlow (Sailor Moon, can sing)
Relm: Daniella Macey (Rydia in FFIV DS)
Emp. &
Strago: Lee Everest (Tellah in FFIV DS)
Locke: Taliesin Jaffe (Edge in FFIV DS)
Cid: William Frederick (Mysidian Elder in FFIV DS)
Edgar: Steve Burton (Cloud in Everything)
Sabin: Yuri Lowenthal (Cecil in FFIV DS)
Shadow: Dameon Clarke (Rubicante in FFIV DS)
Cyan: Liam O’Brien (Kain in FFIV DS)
Mog: Jackie Powers (Nall in Lunar)
Gau: Nancy Davis (Ramus in Lunar)
Ultros: Jeff Bergman (Daffy Duck)

You’ll notice that I didn’t include a VA for Leo…any ideas?

Spooniest: It would be more like “Final Fantasy VI 3DS”. How about this choice of cast…

Terra: Natalie Lander

Locke: Brian Beacock (Sakon, Naruto)

Celes: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Silent Hill songs)

Edgar: Troy Baker (Van Kliess, Generator Rex)

Sabin: Troy Baker (Greed 2, FMA Brotherhood)

Cyan: John Dimaggio (FFXII Gilgamesh)

Gau: Eamon Pirrucello (WilyKat, Thundercats)

Shadow: Travis Willingham (Zetsu, Naruto Shippuden)

Setzer: Crispin Freeman

Strago: Steve Kramer (Shunsui Kyoraku, Bleach)

Relm: Madeleine Hal (WilyKit, Thundercats)

Mog: Brina Palencia (Nina Tucker, Fullmetal Alchemist)

Umaro: Paul St. Peter (Cherubimon, Digimon Frontier)

Kefka: Dave Wittenberg

Leo: Terrence C. Carson (Mace Windu, Clone Wars)

So Edgar and Sabin voiced by the same guy? Won’t that get confusing in their scenes together?

Not really. For one thing, I picked two different-sounding characters so there would be no confusion.


Ultros: Charlie Alder (The Red Guy, Cow & Chicken)
Typhon: Maurice LaMarche (Marbo, Futurama)