Final Fantasy VI party

What would be the best party set up in Final Fantasy VI?

Right now I’m using Locke, Celes, Sabin and Edgar. Locke’s theft comes in handy for me cause I prefer to steal rather than buy. Celes’ runic ability is always nice if you run into enemies that focus on magic. I tossed Edgar and Sabin in there because the both have attacks that hit the whole enemy group and attacks that can do alot of damage to a specific enemy.

Where are you in the game right now?

I used Locke, Celes and Terra. 4th spot goes to either Shadow, Sabin or Edgar. Sabin is useful with free healing (mantra). I always used characters based on preference, since if you spend anytime at all levelling up and learning magic it’s pretty easy.

As far as the “ultimate party”, you can pretty much determine that by yourself by equipping stat increasing espers when you level up with your favorite characters. As far as potential goes, it’s been so long since i looked at base stats and compared them. I always found those discussions inconsequential because you can beat any mob in the game in one round, and you hit damage caps long before you hit the level cap.

The only thing that separates most characters is their second menu item. The best ones are Tool, Blitz, Throw, SwdTech… basically anything but Steal or Sketch. It doesn’t matter who you use, really, just as long as it’s not Relm or bitch-princess Locke.

If you’re hardcore like me you’ll solo Kefka’s Tower with Umaro in one group, Gau in another, and Gogo in the third. You don’t know what the fuck is going to happen next!
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Killmore: Right now I just finished up the phoenix cave and got ragnarok and territo.

Hades: I might try something like that if I do a second play thru but right now I just want to beat the game and get all the espers.

Mm. Sabin, Terra, Gogo, Edgar. Sexy.

Once I got to the WOR, I tended to use Celes, Sabin, and Edgar pretty exclusively. For the fourth I usually leaned toward Terra or Setzer (see, I usually had good luck with Fixed Dice and the Offering).

*I just don’t like Terra as a character; plus, I don’t like green hair. However, she attacks and uses magic well. :\ Ugh.
*You can get Bum Rush for Sabin pretty early on in the WOR, and once you have that it’s just gravy for a lot of the fights.

The fact that anyone can use any magic bugs me, but then I can use that characters that I like personally more than I would in a different scenario.

Hades, the Kefka’s Tower setup is a bitchin’ idea! I’m going to try that on my next playthrough and change things up a bit.

Yeah, the magic thing bugs me in FFVII too. Sometimes I set my own limits, and give each character a certain element or something to make things more interesting. RPGs aren’t hard to beat if you play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. You have to set your own rules if you want to make it hard on yourself, and that always makes the game more interesting. For me, anyway.

At high levels it doesn’t really matter, but if I was trying to beat the game at average or low levels I’d probably use the same group as Vicki, but <b><i>throw</i></b> Shadow in there somewhere (didja get the pun? haha). Throw/Blitz/Tool/Runic are very powerful skills with zero cost. Your beef would be Drill/Chainsaw, Shuriken, and Bum Rush. Runic is a great defensive skill that tends to be underused, and it won’t absorb Blitzes or Tools. Celes is also one of those few female characters who actually have a nice meaty sword attack.

Yeah, right now I have Celes equipped with the Genji Glove, Atma Weapon and Enhancer. Haven’t obtained Bum Rush yet though…

I usually try to throw Gau in somewhere, seeing as he’s absolutely the best thing ever, if you invest the time in it. If you get the Catscratch Rage, early on, he can be a devestating physical fighter, doing around 800-1000 damage per hit. I consider him worth the investment, unlike Relm and Strago, who flat out suck.

You may or may not have already known this, but in the WoR, there’s a group of five trees shaped like a cross, just north-east of Narshe, in the grey area. Take Sabin there, and he’ll learn Bum Rush, regardless of level.

The last time I played FF6 I tried to use no spells at all, but only the characters’ special abilities and items. I was reasonably successful.

I’m planning on splitting the Espers this time around, so that no one learns the exact same spell list.

Did I ever tell you guys my Umaro story? I think so, but anyway:

You know the nightmare world part of the game, where your party gets split up, and you start with a randomly-chosen character, then must find the others? Well, my party had Umaro in it (I tended to use the most recently adquired characters) and guess who I was stuck with?

Yep, the one character in the game whom you can NOT control in battle. Geez. Should’ve thought about that possibility.

The poor Bigfoot was getting beat by the dream creatures and barely survived each fight. Just as he was about to reach another party member, he was assaulted by TWO monsters at one. They reduced his hp to nearly zero! Just when I was resigned to restart from my last save, the darned Sasquatch used his frost breath attack (yes, I had equipped him with the necessary items) and BLASTED both foes away!! Closest call in the entire game. Whew! :stuck_out_tongue:

I use whoever I particularly feel like using at the time, though I think this time It’ll be Celes(solid character), Locke (Mug is nice), Strago (blue magic for variety) and someone else. Or perhaps something completely different. I’ll find out once i lay my hands on the advance version.

:hahaha; Are you serious? Gau is one of the worst characters of all time and definitely not worth the investment. When he uses his skills he goes berserk so you can’t go to the menu with him. But the biggest flaw with him is when he gets hit, it’s like he’s getting hit by a train, he takes the most damage. I’d prefer taking everyone else except Gau, Relm, Strago. Everyone elses individual skills makes it a hard choice on who to keep and who to switch out.

Gau’s really good when you first get him (provide you get him good Rages like Templar) but he mostly sucks at the endgame. I use him for kicks, cause some of the enemy skills are unique and fun to mess around with, but I don’t put him in a serious party.

My best party would definitely include Sabin and Locke. The others would most likely be Gogo and Edgar (or maybe Terra), but that can change depending on what magic everyone knows. Sabin and Locke are must-haves for me, though.

I’m reminded of something I need to ask. Does anyone create a Kappa the imp character and is there any point or difference besides looks?

In my last play through, I used Terra (who was really strong when morphed), Sabin (for the pure power of the Blitz), Celes (for strong magic, and the defensive Runic), and Shadow (who I had equipped to attack 8 times per turn, can’t beat that).

This party got me through quite a lot. Including the last fight, with the help of Edgar and Umaro. After all who is going to stand up against the ‘King’, and an unstoppable beast.