Final Fantasy Untapped Potentials

Have you ever played a Final Fantasy game, and wished they’d elaborated on something, let you see more of something, or flat-out omitted something they should’ve included?

There are a lot of things I only wished I could have gotten to see more of:

Final Fantasy VII: They should have let us see more of the of Midgar on top of the plate. What little they actually let us walk through looked cool, and only made me wish I could’ve seen more of it!

Final Fantasy VIII: When we travel into the future to fight Ultimecia, what little we actually see of the world before entering her castle looks remarkably different. If only we had to venture through the ruined world before actually arriving at Ultimecia’s door step, that would’ve added a good amount of extra, as the world map would probably be remarkably different, as it is supposed to be in the distant future.

Also, it would have been cool, had they decided to put another city on Trabia other than Shumi village and Trabia Garden. And, they could’ve put more things on the Centra continent too, like the ruins of an ancient city other than Odin’s ruins.

And that’s another thing! I wanted to know more about this ancient civilization that supposedly made the mobile Gardens.

And of course, there’s that strange crater on Trabia that you can’t float over when you riding the Garden. What was that crater there for?

Also, Rinoa’s feud with her father was never actually resolved…

…there’s a lot of loose plot threads in Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IX: What we saw of Terra, was dreamy-awesome. Again, if they’d given it its own world map, and we had a lot more of it to venture through, that would be, well, more of dreamy-awesome!

Generally the problem is time constraints. There’s never enough time to make absolutely everything that the designers want to. I’m afraid you’ll just have to get used to certain things in RPGs not being all that fleshed out.

Star Ocean 3 was actually much worse - they had you in an entire galaxy, and yet you spent the vast majority of your time on one or two countries in a single planet.

I don’t believe an ancient civilisation made the Gardens >.> It appeared as though the internal, underground aspects of the Gardens looked really old, but I believe they were all made 'round about the same time when Edea decided to form Garden in the first place. The organisation itself isn’t that old, but it’s implied the Gardens were built from old air raid shelters etc.

I So wanted to go to Greeton? or even some were on Earth…

3 ships, on one planet, 3 citys, 3 town/villages, and 7 dungens… and 4 more dungens.

Yeah, one of the reasons I want sequels is that there is a lot of information never revealed in many FF’s. I must say, however, that the idea to give Terra a map wouldn’t be possible, due to storyline purposes. If any recall properly, the planet is small due to the fact that most of it decayed, forcing the Terrans to seal their souls to sleep and have Garland find another planet(that planet being Gaia) to support the people once they awaken. However, the truth about the crystal as well as the orgins and story behind the Qu race remained unknown after the game ended. That is what could be covered in a sequel.

I agree it would be nice if the developers of FF would make a small account of other things in the FF universes but i’m fine the way i am.

However, if you start asking for stuff like that, you end up with all the things Square has gone and done for FF7. How many is it four or five new games/movies?

This is one of the great things about fanfiction. Is that there are certain areas that aren’t fully explained, so a good, creative writer can take advantage of that. And use these details however they see fit. Which can be quite cool, when done right.

you shouldve had more time on the plate in ff7
would have been cool if you could go outside the Temple of Chaos 2000 years ago in ff1
you definitely could have had fun wandering about Terra oin ff9
and it would have been nice to walk through the towns in FFT and FFTA, though that would have been unnecessary

Another thing in FF8 that wasn’t very resolved was the fact that they were all orphans growing up together (cept Rin) but their memories of that were taken away by the GF’s. That could have used more elaboration. This is one of the great ways Square can get mileage out of its games, by exploring the unexplored aspects. It looks like they’re starting to do that now with the FF7 stuff.

What more is there to tell about it?

They were orphans, they grew up together. Until they were adopted/sent to Garden. After which they lose their memories, due to using GFs. And that is that.

There is noting else there, to be told.

Well, I thought that aspect of their lives was underdeveloped in the game. It’s only mentioned as a plot device to move the characters to Centra from the destroyed Trabia Garden. Then its never mentioned again. I think that would sure be a big enough event that lots of questions come up. Clues to their past, whether they should stop using the GF’s, their relationship to each other making a new level.

Too bad Hades isn’t here to bite my head off for this:

The memory wipeout is a plot device. Don’t look for any depth because FFVIII is a teenager soap opera that merely uses the whole Ultimecia thing as an excuse to move around. Except for Laguna (And that would just take a little tweaking), the entire character development, which is basically the only interesting part, can be copy pasted into a highschool drama setting with little to no discrepancies.

Right, which is why I’m complaining.
You could come up with a lot of underdeveloped things in any FF game, any video game for that matter, because they are always unfinished.