Final Fantasy Unlimited Continuations

The Bonds of Two (Sou no Kizuna)
After 2
After Spiral

Anyone have ANY idea how I can get my grimy paws on these?
Translations of these? (Although I don’t really need the translation, I have a friend who would be willing to help.)

Any help would be much appreciated.

No clue. We’d like to have info on them in the FFC, but so far all the info on them seems to be secondhand… 8-(

Never even heard of those. Are those continuations of the Anime? If so, why bother? that anime was shit and best.

They’re all in book or audio format, though, not animation.

I dont know anything about those, but I think they should conclude it with a game or a live action movie

Unfortunately, they don’t really care what we think unless it comes with a lot of moolah.


they dont?

Maybe this can help. Accurate translations by Kareshi.

I’m leery of using translations based on a single, unverified source.

Cidolfas: You can sign up and contact the guy for further confirmation, he owns the CDs and stuff.

I don’t doubt he owns them, but that his translation is completely accurate.

i cant seem to get on that site is it closed down. and if so does he have the translations on another site do you know?