Final Fantasy Series

While writing out the favorite rpg post I realized I have played a LOT of final fantasy games. I counted 20. I have played 17 of them (the online version the only one I haven’t. Am I leaving any out?


Final Fantasy Legends 1-3
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Final Fantasy Adventure


Final Fantasy1-3


Final Fantasy 4-6
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest


Final Fantasy 7-9
Final Fantasy Tactics


Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X2
Final Fantasy XI - Online


Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Has anyone beaten all 19 of the single player ones? I have played all but 2 of them, but only beat 10 of them. The ones I have yet to beat are

FF-2 - awful leveling system

FF-8 - I really like this game and plan on finishing it, but not being able to skip the GF animations made me stop the first time

FF Tactics, Tactics Advance - I never did like the Tactics series. They played REALLLY slow. Too many other good strategy rpgs to bother with these two

FF-X2 - Like 8, I like the game, but got sidetracked before the end.

FF Legends 2, 3 - never owned them so I only got to play them by borrowing and never had them long enough to finish.

FF: Mystic Quest - Never played it

FF: Crystal Chronicles - Never played it

Edited to add 3 games.

The first group on your list aren’t FFs. (FF Legend)

I’ve beaten 1, and 2-7, and Tactics. Later games don’t interest me, and FF2, I haven’t had the time to actually finish it.

What about these?

Final Fantasy Adventures
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals

EDIT: I actually beat FF2. If you spend some time attacking your own guys, you can get their HP up pretty high. That makes things pretty easy.

FF Adventure is not an FF game (it’s a Mana game). The other two are.

I knew one of those three wasn’t legit.

How many real FF games are there anyway?

I added those 3 games. I forgot about Final Fantasy Adventure for gameboy. i have that and beat it. I’m considering anything with the FF title an FF game.

What about that Chocobo game? Chocobo Dungeon or something?

I beat 7 and 8. I found 8 to be more tedious than 7 mainly because of the story. The writeres really made me want to kill Sephiroth.

Ehrgeiz, Chocobo Dungeon, and Kingdom Hearts are more of an FF game than Legend/Adventure are.

Really? Wow, Sephiroth, in my eyes was pushing so hard for that “Im a bad boy” character type that I couldnt see him as a badguy. More of an angsty bishonen.

Not to say that any of the other badguys were any better in 8. But at least Edea was “cool” in concept.

As I am sure Cid would say, most FF’s are alike in character design as many other RPGs made in Japan: metrosexuals with big hair and funny ideals.

1-9 were great, but 3 was a little difficult to get ahold of, but was alot of fun once you understood the words. 10 was okay, and 10-2 should have never been made. 11 is the only one I have not tried out of the main series.