Final Fantasy Recipes

I originally posted this topic in FFO’s forums, but it got accidentally removed. The other day I was wondering what sort of foods from final fantasy would be like. Like how would a potion taste. I imagine it would be something like gatorade or red bull, something replenishing, revivifying. Maybe a hi-potion would be a more concentrated version of that, and a phoenix down would maybe have caffiene. And there was other things, like what would they eat from day to day (we all know the stuffed chocobo jokes). Maybe a salad from chocobo greens, what the characters favorite foods would be, like a filet mignon for Auron or hamburger for Barret. So maybe we could all make a cookbook of FF recipes?
And someone already mentioned Tifa’s Stuffed Biscuits, so that’s right out.

Zell likes hot dogs.

… boy if that isn’t a loaded setence.

:moogle: I guess fried frogs would have to be in it.

Some sort of chocobo-type dinner? shrug

I’m sure Behemoths were used for food.

FFIX has smelly pickles.

Chocobo with Herbed Tomato Sauce
Chocobo Roll-Ups
Chocobo In Spicy Sauce
Tangy Barbecue Chocobo
Szechuan Chocobo
Sweet & Sour Chocobo WINGS
Sweet & Sour Pineapple Chicken
Curry Chocobo Salad

And much, much more…

oh yeah, Raijin’s stinky Grilled Fish with caper sauce.

That… is beautiful.

So a Tincture is actually an alcoholic medicine?

I WANT MY $32,000 REGIS! (okay, so it was a rerun of Millionaire. I think there were a couple other questions I was only able to answer from FF games.)

Agreed. It beats the ass off my “Kentucky Fried Mutant” idea. Don’t ask, I created it during a RP.

So say you were going to make a drink called a ‘potion’ for like a restaurant or something. What do you think you would put in it? It can be alcoholic or not.

It’d probably just be vodka with food coloring to make it red.

I’m not kidding.

Just use real ether for an ether.

You huff it and it increases your MP.

Haha, may not let you use magic, but you’d sure as hell feel like it I’d assume :stuck_out_tongue:

No one else can see the magic, but you can.

How about absinthe? That should stop you from feeling the effects of a tonberry… and much else.
I now have a great image of drunk Squall, Selphie and Zell in the winhill desert trying to fight a blood soul and swaying everywhere

I wonder what a turbo ether would be made from. Also I don’t know how common the chocobo recipies would be among the general human populace, chocobos would be bred for riding and war and thus highly prized. Though I’d think that since Ronso tend to run and are pretty cat-like that they might just like the taste of choco-flesh. I could imagine life as a Ronso chocobo rustler. And I don’t think behomoths would be very easy for the average chef to catch and cook, though that strange creature from ffV that never attacks and looks like a snuffleufflegus would be pretty easy to herd of a cliff.

That’s true. I think despite the constant jokes about eating chocobos, I think in the FF Universe, they are used more as transportation rather than a resource animal. Cows make good resource animals because they’re docile, tame, and yield a lot of good things like meat, leather, and milk. Chocobos are birds so milk is out. Their hides too. The meat is undeterminable of course. They look muscular, but probably their closes real life equivalent is the ostrich, and I don’t know how good their meat is. They have ostrich burgers at Fuddrucker’s here at the midwest, so if anyone lives there and has tried it, let us know.