Final Fantasy on PSP

They’re pretty cheap now, right? I wanna play Final Fantasies 7 and 8 and am not buying a PS3. Are these available through the PSN Store on PSP?

You can play PS1 games on the PSP. I’m not sure you can play the PSN versions on the PSP, you may need to simply dl PS1 rips and play them via a hacked PSP.

All PSone classics can be downloaded onto the PSP.

I totally did not know this… I’m going to get one. Now :slight_smile:

The PSP version of FF1? I just bought the $10 “PSP Favorite” edition (which it seems is just a sticker on the old packaging. I didn’t think they’d want to reprint it after old stock was sitting on shelves so long. :P)
Unfortunately I wonder if my PSP screen might be slightly damaged now. It looks dirty, but wiping it won’t come clean. It doesn’t seem to affect visibility but it’s annoying to look at on bright screens, where it’s apparent.

I know FF7 can, but isn’t there an issue with PS1 games that used the analog sticks (since the PSP maps L2/R2 to either the D-Pad or the thump pad). Or does that just mean you can only play them in non-analog-controller mode?
I ask because FF7 is actually the only PSOne Classic PSN game I’ve downloaded (though I’ve been thinking about others).

There used to be PC versions of FFVII and FFVIII; I’ve played them both. Bigger screen (+usb controller) vs portability

Yeah, but there are only a few of the PS3 franchises that interest me, like LBP, God of War and MGS. I’m not gonna buy a PS3 for that, especially since now I can get the PS1 Classics and portable versions of those titles on my PSP.

I checked and you can if you can dl PSN games without a PS3 onto a PSP.


Anyway, this things kinda nifty. I like it a lot better than a DS, that’s for sure, if only for the store. Since buying it and Final Fantasy VII (which I haven’t played in years and am really enjoying) I picked up Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep, MGS: Peace Walker, and a God of War game. Peace Walker is a disappointment so far, but I think I can mess with the controls to make it work for me. God of War is good, but it’s really… exactly what I thought it would be. Didn’t see the threesome coming, though, the rest of the game plays out like a lot of other games I’ve played. Birth By Sleep is… awesome. It’s gobbled up the most tie besides FF7.

Is there a PSP owner without GoW? It seems one of the go-to games for the system.

Yeah guys awesome trailer and this game not take too much space on pc and tools are easy to play so keep enjoying and be ready to play.

Yea dude, I hate that game.