Final Fantasy Monster Compendium?

Hello you lot. A while ago I was into the monsters of Final Fantasy, and drew them a lot. I used to use 3d Renders from a massive Final Fantasy Monster Compendium site that had images of monsters from nearly every final fantasy up tot he point of when it was made. The problem is, I can no longer find it any more and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Many of their images (though usually smaller) are used on the Final Fantasy Wiki, so I was wondering if ti was still around. If it’s not around, I was wondering if there was any other place to get the images, or if there are plans to revive it.

Most of the images for the older games can be found on the respective shrines; there are links from the FF Compendium “Game Help” page. As for the newer ones, I’m afraid I can’t help. 8-( We used to host a bestiary that had a lot of the images for later games, but unfortunately it got deleted by accident, and the original owner is nowhere to be found.

I know PlayOnline used to have images of all the FF9 monsters, and I imagine sites like Allakhazam would have FF11 images.

Cid, that deletion day was a dark one indeed. Now that I’m playing FF12, I’d like to know what some of the monsters actually look like without having to get close enough to be attacked by the nasty ones I can’t defeat yet. :slight_smile:

I was specifically looking for Final Fantasy IX monster images. I have to wonder if anyone has them saved…but PlayOnline seems to only have information on Final Fantasy XI. Perhaps another site has them. If anyone finds them, please let me know.

No, it’s still around.

Hey, guys! Has anybody gotten ahold of Lord Skylark? I miss the searchable bestiaries.

Not yet… probably not ever, as far as I know. If the situation changes, rest assured I’ll do my best to get them back up.