Final Fantasy Models/Figures

This thread seems sort of fresh as I don’t recall many recent threads about the FF merchandise.

Anyways, today I purchased a figure from the Final Fantasy Master Creatures Set. It is of Yojimbo, the summon from Final Fantasy X. Despite it’s size (4 inches in height) it is detailed very well and depicts a striking pose of the Zanmato attack. I rather like the size as I don’t have to make room for it. It sits nicely on my TV with Godzilla and the Alien queen. I plan on purchasing the Gilgamesh figure sometime soon, as he is my favourite character from the series and I recently found out he was was released here in the third wave.

Here’s a photo of the Yojimbo figure

So far there have been three waves:

First Wave
Bahamut (FFVII)
Magus Sisters (FFX)
Leviathan (FFIX)
Ifrit (FFVII)
Kefka (FFVI)

Second Wave
Yojimbo (FFX)
Mateus the Corrupt (FFXII)
Odin (FFIX)
Diablos (FFVIII)
Knights of the Round (FFVII)

Third Wave
Shiva (FFX)
Pheonix (FFIX)
Gilgamesh (FFV)

Anyways, anyone else here collect figures? And by collect I don’t strictly mean in an all encompassing sense. One or two figures counts just as much as collecting a whole series. There are a lot of well done figures, and I can’t be the only person here who has figures (or toys if you prefer to call them that).

What is it made of? I always liked looking at Games Workshop models, but luckily they are so expensive I never thought about buying them. I suspect a GW army costs slightly less than fielding your own mercenaries.

I collect absolutely nothing. Other than the games themselves I own no paraphernalia of any kind.

Knights of The Round? How does that work? Do you get them all separately? Or is it one huge cluster of dudes? :open_mouth:

It’s made of plastic, which accounts for its affordable price. I think there are metal figures in Japan though.
And yeah Warhammer figures are expensive. I would know, I used to have an Eldar army. You’re better off using pennies instead! haha!

It is just one huge cluster. It looks kind of muddy but the detail would be a lot more definite in person I’d imagine. I think I saw it once or twice…

That’s a lot cooler than it has any right to be. I wouldn’t pay money for it, but it’s cool to look at.

That is pretty awesome looking. Given it wasn’t expensive (or I wasn’t so cheap), it’d be cool to buy and look at everyday. Oh well.

Also looked up Gilgamesh. Almost as badass looking, or so I think.

Yeah that’s the one. I’ll be picking it up eventually. Bad ass barely describes it.

I do agree that it is sort of expensive (around $25-30) and probably not the most functional item… but it’s still nice to have a couple to look at and admire.

I started collecting some of the FF merchandise a few years back, but it got too expensive to keep up.

Cold Casts - these are absolutely amazing, limited to 3000 each:

FFV - Butz and his Chocobo
FFVI - Celes Opera Scene
FFVII - Cloud holding Aeris (Forgotten City)

Last time I saw the FFVII cold cast move on ebay, it went for $599 buy it now. The others you can get between 200-300 usually. I don’t have FFIV (Mt Ordeals) and FFVIII (Dance Scene). I don’t think they made any others.

FF Chrome Figures, limited to 3000:

I have Lock, Tina, Cecil, Rosa, Butz, Lenna, Magic Pot, and Mog. They went from FFIV up to FFIX as far as I know. The FFVII ones (Cloud, Aeris, Sephiroth) go for about 300 each, the others from 50-100.

I have the entire FFVI keychain set, and half the FFVI pencil topper set.

Awesome, do you have any photos of these?

Here’s the FF7 one:

FF8 - I don’t have it but would like it.


I can’t seem to find pics of the others, but FFV is Butz and Choco under a tree; FFIV is Cecil on Mount Ordeals, in Paladin and Dark Knight form looking at himself.

They are all up for sale on eBay right now. Guy has the prices jacked up pretty high though.

Ouch… FF6 looks butt ugly.

Originally Posted by Cidolfas
Ouch… FF6 looks butt ugly.

I don’t think the picture’s quality is helping it’s case either.

VII and VIII look quite good though.

I agree… I think the designer took the sprites too literal. Perhaps they could have gone with the concept artwork or a less direct representation.

I ended up picking up the Gilgamesh figure today. I think I’ll leave it at that for the time being, as I don’t want to get out of hand with this. It would be cool if they made Omega from FFV one day but I think I’d have to make it myself to see it happen.

I’ll post some pics sometime soon.

Very nice, Gila and Locke.
I used to collect all kind of old-fashioned shit like stamps, coins, pins/badges, toy soldiers etc. But that was a long, long time ago…I thought that I kicked my collecting habits for good; but when FFVII AC was released, the AC figurines like Fenrir (Cloud’s bike) and Bahamut were soo tempting, fortunately, I resisted.
Now I am looking at your stuff, and …
I think that I will fall off the wagon :wink:

I don’t have much FF stuff when it comes to figures - Just a HUGE Yuna statue (FFX-2) and a set of five FFIII figurines. I do have four Suikoden dudes as well (Main characters of I and II, Chris and the protagonist of IV) and one rather sweet-looking Lenneth. (Wish I had Hugo and Geddoe instead of Chris and Mr. IV)

Wow, I thought this thread looked familiar. Emolf posted in a year old topic.