Final Fantasy Legend: the one-person party.

Right, so I found my copy of FFL again (I don’t know WHY I keep coming back to this game, I just do), and decided to try out something I saw someone suggest once: beat the game with just one person in the party. I thought, “Hey, that sounds neat, it will be a real challenge.”

I was able to beat the game with less trouble than if I had a full party.

Honestly, I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, with only one person, that’s only one character to focus on. So i can spend all my money keeping that person up to speed. So my Human Fighters were kickass, my Mutants always had the best spells and things to help them out, and I never had trouble with Status Effects and most spells, afte I got the BAND. So really, I’m disappointed with that plan.

Yeah, FFL is easy enough to do that with. Hell, just get some Saws, and you’re set for everything =P. You can kill the final boss with them easily too so why not? Sadly, you can’t do a 1 person party in FFL2. I’m pretty sure it’s entirely possible with FFL3 though.

Not really; the other three members join almost instantaneously. So unless you decide to leave three of them dead for the rest of the game, you have to use them.

Exactly. You kill 'em off. That’s how people do solo Final Fantasy 1 games =P

Most one party games seem to consist of level up so much nothing can hurt you. I think 4 level 20 members would be more interesting than say 1 level 80 member.

It would be pretty impossible in FFL2 and FFL3, mostly because you constantly get guest characters. Plus, in FFL3, the last boss has Dk Force, which deal about 999 damage. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, even the guest character in the party who has 990 HP can’t survive it :stuck_out_tongue: So yeah.

Meh, I still think it may be possible- I don’t really remember seeing DK Force actually. When is it used?

I level my guys to insane amounts for that gasme, so it only kills my Mutants occasionally when he uses it. And he uses it often enough, Kagon, to be a problem.

Ah, well, I’ll mess around and see if it’s possible next time I play through then.