Final Fantasy III

It was a work-in-progress demo cart, for CES (Consumer Electronics Show, you remember, before E3 existed) or something.
Anyways, the problem was that they needed to edit the script to provide the best they could within the limited ROM space (which meant to cut down the crap, elaborate the important). However, the translation was cancelled before that rewrite could take place.
No concrete answer was given for the cancellation. But, with FF4, FF Legend 2, and FF Adventure also coming out around the same time, and Square being a tiny little company at the time, it was most likely something had to go. FF2 was probably seen as the least likely to succeed, given the more difficult gameplay that forces players to choose a character type and stick with it (yeah, FFL2 was fairly similar, but FFL2 didn’t lower unused stats, and didn’t require building up individual weapon/magic types. Though FFL2, as well as 1, limited usage of nearly all weapons and shields).
…and maybe FF4 was chosen over 2 because it was for the amazing new SNES (as well as containing much more familiarity in the gameplay).

Looks like Cid needs proof

yay! but it sucks too, cause now i have to buy a DS just for one game. at least when i bought my GBA it was for FFTA and FF:dawn of souls (I&II), and now they are making 4,5 and 6 for GBA horay!! in the end i guess i’ll have to have 3 copies of 6, heck might as well just get the 3 japanese versions of it to complete the set.

Well that looks like proof to me…great another console…(Thank God for OSAP)