Final Fantasy III

Anyone know if they are going to remake it? Out of all the FF’s released, it’s the only one I don’t own and haven’t beat.

FF III [jap]…Not any time soon…as far as I know…you just have to stick to a rom

There was an announcement many months ago that it was under development for the Nintendo DS, but then it fell off the radar and no one knows what happens to it. On the plus side it hasn’t been announced that it was cancelled, but on the minus side, nothing new has been announced, and that often means that it was quietly cancelled. So in short, it’s a maybe.

Nor have they released any new info about the DS Crystal Chronicles game. I don’t think they have been cancelled, the staff are just busy with other projects and plan to start the DS games later.

I bought a nintendo ds just because of final fantasy 3

You can think whatever you like. The facts are that many games for which no news has been announced for this long very often end up being cancelled. Optimism is fine, but you should know the probabilities here.

what about ebay or something else like that?

you might be able to get some cool stuff including the game you’re looking for. if you want ff3, i’m guessing you could buy the game, assuming you have the older original console.

No, becaus the Japanese Final Fantasy III (not final fantasy 6, not FFIII that was released for the SNES) has not come out here at all yet.

Dont go getting all “philisophical” again

oh, you mean the Japanese version… i’m sooooooo confused. if our final fantasy 3 is the 6th, then what is their 6th? i’m so confused about all this.

(why would i get philosophical about this subject? that would be useless. all i know is that i have ff2 and ff3, the ones relased for Canada and the US for the snes… along with the 7th and 8th for the ps1. the ff3 in japanese, was it for the snes as well though?)


FF1 (NES)…|…FF1 (NES)
FF2 (NES)…|…N/A (Later released in a collection for PS1)
FF3 (NES)…|…N/A (Not released in USA)
FF5 (SNES)…|…N/A (Later released in a collection for PS1)
FF7 (PS1)…|…FF7 (PS1)

Etc, etc.

Our third game was really the sixth game. We missed FF2, FF3, and FF5. In other words, what we called FF3 was really FF6 (and what we called FF2 was really FF4). However, there had to be a third game before the sixth game could come out. :sunglasses: That game is FF3. It was for the NES, and is the only FF game never to be officially translated in any way.

concerning ff5, i think i played that one. there was something known as ‘jobs’ where you could become or rather learn different ‘trades’ like doing what alchemists, thieves and others do. i played the rom which had been translated from japanese. i forgot who had translated it though.

It’s too bad they did the same kind of crap with fire emblem

FF5 was later officially translated and put on PlayStation, so it’s out there in English.

Well, the story starts with the fact that FFI was released in Japan in 1987 and in North America in 1990. Square made FFII and FFIII for the Japanese Famicom, but never released those games on the North American NES. The reason was that Nintendo of America rejected the games, saying that the graphics were too similar to FFI. So the 2nd FF game to make a US release was called FF2 in North America, but really was FFIV. The same issue happend again with FFV causing that game not to make a US release. So the third game to be released for the US, FF6, was called FF3 in North America since it was the third series game to be released in the US. A few years later, Square dumped Nintendo for Sony and their Playstation due to the fact that Nintendo was still using crappy cartriges while Sony used compact disks. So FFVII was really the forth series game to make a US release, even though it was actually FFVII. Now that Square was making for a new system, Sony allowed Square to reveal to the North Americans that FFVII was the seventh game in the series and the US was missing out on three of the series games, by naming it FFVII in North America rather than call it FFIV, which is what Nintendo probably would have done if Square had stuck with them. Anyway, Square then started to release games never before released in the US for the Playstation, starting with FFV. They released it in what was called Final Fantasy Anthology packaged with FFVI(formally known as FFIII to the US). Then in 2001, Square released Final Fantasy Chronicles holding FFIV(formally known as FFII) and Chrono Trigger. Then in 2003, Square released Final Fantasy Orgins holding Final Fantasy I as well as another game that never before was released in the US, FFII. They did an improved remake of that package for the GBA last year called Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. And right now they plan on releasing FFIII for the DS. As for what Cid said about most games not heard about for this long being cancelled, that usually doesn’t happen with Square. This can be proven by the fact that FFXII was given complete silence for an entire year, but was not cancelled.

What are you talking about, “complete silence”? There was a continual trickle of screenshots, character info, etc. Whereas after the original announcement we haven’t heard anything at all about FF3.

Yeah, Cid’s right. There have been plenty of screenshots and char info on FFXII.

I never really have liked that reason. Why? Super Mario Bros.

Also, FFII WAS officially translated (in fact, there’s a rom floating around for it on the net), but it didn’t get NoA’s approval. Thing is, the script in it was horrible from what I can remember. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry but by NES standards Mario 1 and 3 are totally different when it comes to graphics…

Actually, Super Mario Bros. is an excellent proof to it. SMB2 in Japan looked exactly the same as SMB1, but harder. That didn’t come here either, until Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES.