Final Fantasy I & II GBA

Seems Square-Enix is finally doing what it should have done instead of Final Fantasy Origins all along. I honestly don’t know whether I like this idea or not, since the only reason I bought Final Fantasy Origins was because it seemed there was no chance of it being released on the GBA. I don’t feel like buying this AGAIN, but with all the added features (not just a crappy omake mode… new storyline stuff, weapons, enemies, dungeons, etc.) I’ll probably buy this one too (if it comes to America, which I’m sure it will).

I still can’t believe they’re releasing this before their long-overdue Final Fantasy III remake, though.

I’m still waiting for Super Mario RPG on GBA…
Still, It’s good Square is porting some FFs to GBA.

Now I won’t have to learn Japanese and import a WSC!

Sounds really cool. Wish i had a GBA now…


they’re doing what now? FF3 remake? is that the one with Kefka? Remake?

I think he means FF3j, you know the one with the onion kids.

onion kids?

yeah, it’s a job class in it

This is cool. I was actually wondering whether to get FF Origins or not. But since they are being released for the GBA, I’ll wait and get them for that.
Thanks for that info Hiryuu.

Hmm… interesting… not the remake but why S-E still have their thumbs firmly inserted up their arse about the FF3 remake when half the FF fans in the world have been desperate for it for the past two years or so. :-/ I may get it, may not- I already have FFO and still got Golden Sun, Zelda, FFT-A to plough through on the Advance…

I think it’s a good idea, though I’m not sure whether it’s worth it seen as I’ve already got FFO. I really wish they’d hurry up and re-release FF3, though.
There’s an onion kid for ya. :hahaha;

Onion kids:

I didn’t feel like taking a screenshot from the translated version.

I kind of liked Gizamalukes Onion kid more…

oh…please …please tell me these are coming here :hyperven:

I heard about this. The only reason I would get it would be for the extras. I think there’s a hidden boss tower in FF1, where you battle bosses from FF history. And in FF2, there’s a separate story where you play as the fallen “temporary” team members of FF2.

I never got Origins so if (hopefully) they come to the U.S. I’ll get it.

I dunno if I’ll get this, but I DEFINATELY want FF3 if they release it.

gah, I think I’m getting this; I always liked FF2, good thing they’re exploring it’s untapped potential (that extra story line scenario sounds like a GREAT idea! welcome back mindh!)