Final Fantasy Hunting Grounds & Legacy

Hey, I don’t think anybody heard of these online games before, but they’re a couple nice mmorpg games for Final Fantasy created by fans. They’re retro style like the NES and SNES so don’t expect anything but nostalgia :stuck_out_tongue:

Before you can play them you have to download the Byond client: download
It’s basically a network game client for all the games created with Byond. It helps when creating Byond games when you have no networking experience…

Anyway, after you installed the client, create a Byond key on the site (it’s like registering to become a member, but free). Now you can log in to either of these two games by clicking on the “Join” link under the “live games” section (or any other byond game):

Final Fantasy Hunting Grounds (FF1 NES oriented)

video previews:

YouTube - Final Fantasy: The Hunting Grounds Gameplay
YouTube - FF:THG Ambush

Final Fantasy Legacy (FF4 SNES oriented)

video preview:

YouTube - Final Fantasy Legacy

Final Fantasy Online (byond version)

A more “adventure” typed Final Fantasy game with the MMORPG concept, which tries to imitate Final Fantasy 1, 2, and 3 to an extent.

video previews:

Final Fantasy Online
Final Fantasy Online Part 2
Final Fantasy Online Part 3


PS: Any questions just ask in this forum and I will try and help you log into the game.