Final Fantasy Christmas Carol

Gemini Note: Hey, guys again. It’s Gemini with a Christmas fic! The title of this thread is the name of the fic. LET’S GET STARTED!!!

Part 1: Palmer’s hate for Christmas

In the virtual Final Fantasy world, In a huge, black city that was named Midgar, there were many stories going on. One story does stand out. This story had taken place in the coldest month of December. In a sector of this city lived a cruel, mean, man named Palmer. He had no real respect from the citizens of Midgar. He would yell out, “BAH!” to anyone who had Christmas spirit.

Palmer hated Christmas. It was his least favorite holiday when compared to others as the antonym. He had not looked forward to Christmas; his only friend, Vincent Valentine, had died a year ago around the Christmas season.

The next day, Palmer had taken the train to Sector 8 where he worked. He worked in a biusiness that was owned by Mr. Shinra. Shinra had many things for Palmer to do. He had to build machina for the city of Midgar, which was one, and possibly only, thing Palmer really liked to do. Shinra tried to cheer Palmer up, but Palmer would yell out, “BAH!” when Shinra said, “Merry Christmas, Palmer!”

After Palmer had left work, it was nightfall. He had taken the train back home, and when he got there, his bedroom door blew shut, the lights went off, and the window had opened up. He had seen a ghost of his best friend, Vincent Valentine. Palmer had shrieked so loud that the neighbors next door had to call the Midgar Police.

After the shrieking died, Vincent spoke. “Palmer, Palmer! You have such a hate for christmas, that you will be haunted by three people what will act as ghosts. One from a world of sprites, representing the past. One from the world you are in, representing the present, and one from a religious world, representing the future. Each one will be coming by the hour, according to your Moogle watch that you wear on your wrist.” Vincent had left with those words.

After Vincent left, Palmer had decided to fall asleep."
Ending of Part 1:

Gemini note: Any relation to the real one by Charles Dickens? Who does Palmer relate to? Who do you think the ghosts will be?

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It looks good. The description for the origin of the “ghost of Christmas future” could have been put a little differently perhaps, but otherwise I have no complaints. The moogle watch line was funny.

Part 2: The Ghost of FF Christmas Past:

A few minutes after Palmer fell asleep, his watch had struck Midnight (Midgar Time Zone). The wind blew again, and the window had flung open again. This time, a sprite looking person, which Vincent had described, had flown in. He had a wooden staqff, and dressed all in blue. Palmer couldn’t see his face at all. He had his face blackened.

When the ghost had settled, he laughed so loud, that palmer was afraid, VERY afraid. He had said, “Hello!!!” Then, using his staff, he cast some spells that created letters that had said, “I AM THE GHOST OF FINAL FANTASY CHRISTMAS PAST!!!” Then he explained to Palmer, “Come with me through this window, or get burned!!!” Palmer, with his fear, did as he said, and you guessed it, Black Mage, had teleported Palmer and himself to, you know where!

When Black Mage and Palmer landed, they were in a city called Corneria. This was where Palmer had grown up. He had celebrated many Christmases there. Black mage showed Palmer to his old house, and had mentioned that he cannot be seen by anyone in the house, even Palmer’s child self.

Palmer as a child loved to open his Christmas presents as soon as possible, but his mother had to hold him back. This child Palmer was definitely of Christmas joy. When the adult Palmer saw this, he wasn’t moved much. Then, Black Mage had teleported them both to a city called Baron, where Palmer had spent his later childhood. He had a sweetheart, Scarlet, who he loved.

Palmer then remembered that Scarlet had died from a an airship raid in Baron. Palmer started to cry, but only for about five seconds since Black mage had Hadoukened him for crying. When he realized this, Black Mage had teleported them both back to Palmer’s current house in Midgar. Since one Midgar hour had passed, Black mage had started to fade. Palmer had yelled out, “Don’t go!!!” But, it was too late. Black Mage had vanished into thin air.

Palmer had looked at his Moogle Watch. He didn’t know what to expect next.

This is the end of Part 2:
Next Time, The Ghost of FF Christmas Present!

Part 3: The Ghost of FF Christmas Present:

Palmer was back in his room, and he wasn’t changed much. All of a sudden, his Moogle-Brand Watch kupo-ed again. It was two. And just now, a light glowed through the door. Palmer opened the door, and he was blinded by one of Midgar’s brightest lights. Aeris had eventually extingushed her light. She was … the ghost of Final Fantasy Christmas Present.

She had mentioned her sisters, and her brothers, (and her boyfriend) none of which Palmer had seen. Aeris then told Palmer to hold on to her staff, so she can teleport them to Shinra’s house. Once again, Palmer and Aeris could not interact with the outside world.

At Shinra’s house, Palmer had seen Shinra’s family, his girlfriend Scarlet, Rufus, who was a crippled man, and a few others that were there. They were ready to eat. Scalet had made some chocolate pudding, in which Shinra loved. After the meal, they all played games.

Next, Aeris took Palmer to another house. They were playing a matching game, with questions like,

“Dry as?”

–A desert.

“Fat as?”

–A Chocobo.

“Strong as?”

–A sword

If they missed a question, then they were out. This was to show Palmer that Christmas is a happy time.

Finally, Aeris showed Palmer a desolate spot outside of Midgar. She showed him some beggars that had to steal food so they could have a Merry Christmas. Then, she left him, in this desolate place.

Palmer was saddened a bit, since he couldn’t go home.

Next time: The future!!!