Final Fantasy 7 disk 2 help

dunno if i need a spoiler tag but here it goes ok i’m near the end of disk 2 where i have to go to back midgar to settle the score with Hojo. in the help site it said go to the 64th floor in the Shira building then go back to the subway…what the heck are they talking about!?

What help site are you referring to? RPGC’s FF7 shrine?

i dunno!!! lol i just need to know what i’m suppose to do in the shira building and how to get to the sister ray cannon

It’s not inside the Shinra building. Have you fought Proud Clod yet?

where is it!? lol

FF7 Shrine:

After the battle, go north. When you reach the split passage area, go right. If Cid isn’t in your current party, he’ll show up here. Take the right path and at the next split passage, take the left path. You’ll arrive at a blocked passage, but there’s a ladder against the left wall that leads to the Shinra Headquarters. If Cait Sith is in your party, he’ll talk to you. Otherwise, you’ll see him hop out of the building. If you didn’t read Turtle’s Paradise Flyer No. 2 the first time around, you can check out the billboard at the back end of the first floor to read it now. Go up the stairs near the front and look for a door marked ‘Accessories’ near the other end of this floor. In the adjoining room, you can open two chests that a Shinra employee wouldn’t let you examine earlier. The one to the right contains a Master Fist and the left one has a Pile Banger inside of it. Before leaving, go up to the 64th floor and look for the lockers (go north from the elevators). If you examine the left end of the row of lockers against the wall, you’ll find the HP Shout (Cait Sith’s Ultimate Weapon that you couldn’t take earlier).

Other treasure in the Shinra Headquarters includes: if you put money into the health drink machines on floor 64, you can get a Speed Source and a Mind Source from them now, if you choose to hit them. On the floor with the ‘three coupons’ puzzle, you’ll find a bag containing the Grow Lance in the room to the left of the entry hall. And a bag containing the ‘Behimoth Horn’ can be found on the stairwell you may have used when raiding the Shinra HQ (Tifa’s method)–it’s one screen above the level where you found an Elixir last time (the Elixir will still be their if you didn’t get it then, BTW).

Return to the underground passages again. Go south past one split- passage room, and when you reach the second room, take the left path. You’ll go outside. Walk towards the lefthand red beam to climb up it and jump onto the main street. Head north and a huge mechanical monster will appear from behind you; it’s being controlled by Heidegger and Scarlet. After laughing in your face, they’ll attack you.

BOSS TIPS: PROUD CLOD LV: ?? HP: 60000 MP: ???
JAMAR ARMOR LV: 62 HP: 20000 MP: 300

This mechanical monstrosity has two parts; a head and a chest area that you can aim your attacks at. The boss can only cause around 500-800 points of damage, but it can kneel and fire a ray from it’s back (the Beam Cannon attack) that causes 1100 damage to all members. Even after disabling the Jamar Armor (it can use it’s Materia Jammer attack to disable your Materia), you’ll still have to keep attacking the main part if you want to kill it. Spells and summonings work nicely, and you shouldn’t worry about your HP until the boss kneels and readies it’s laser attack. You’ll get the Ragnarok sword once the fight is over.

Once the machine explodes, it starts to rain. Head north. There are two chests near the entrance. The one closest to you has an Elixir in it, while the one that’s further away contains a Mystile. Use the Save Point that’s nearby if you want to, then climb up the ladders. If he’s not in your party, Vincent will be on the lower landing. The second landing is normally empty, but if Barret is in your party, you will see a green chest there. Open it to get Barret’s Ultimate Weapon, the Missing Score. If Barret’s not in you party, you won’t find anything on the landing, even if you search it thoroughly. Once you’ve climbed all the way to the top, run to the right. Sitting at the Mako Cannon’s (Sister Ray’s) controls is Hojo, who will attack your party when you talk to him. If Vincent’s in your party, he’ll trash talk Hojo for a moment beforehand.

BOSS TIPS: HOJO LV: 50 HP: 13000 MP: 250
POODLER SAMPLE LV: 42 HP: 10000 MP: 200
BAD RAP SAMPLE LV: 34 HP: 11000 MP: 120
HELLETIC HOJO LV: 55 HP: 26000 MP: 200
RIGHT ARM LV: 55 HP: 5000 MP: 300
LEFT ARM LV: 55 HP: 24000 MP: 400
LIFEFORM HOJO-NA (can’t see his stats.)

Hojo can use his ‘Capsule’ power to summon the two ‘Sample’ monsters every time you kill them. So, concentrate on defeating Hojo instead of the lesser monsters. He’ll then reappear as a huge monster with two independent arms (Helletic Hojo). Since Hojo can bring the arms back to life, aim your attacks at the main body of the boss. He may cast Confuse or Silence on you, so I hope you have some Ribbons equipped. The right arm will also inflict a lot of damage, so cast Barrier beforehand. In his final form, Hojo can cast Slow and employ a multiple-hit attack (Combo), which will poison whoever is hit by it. As long as you keep your HPs up, this battle is a cinch. You’ll receive a Power Source once you’ve killed Hojo.

You’ll return to the Highwind after killing the boss.

This should help. It’s from the link I put in my 1st reply.

ok i left shira building and took the left path in the second room and i’m still not outside!!! i am a retard!!!

There are only so many routes you can take in the subway; all the wrong ones eventually dead end.
I remember when I encoutered the Proud Clod, I cas KotR for the first time and was surprised that the battle was over when the spell finished.

ok i leave the shira building…then i’m in the underground…and keep going in different directions til i’m outside? that right? sorry you guys much think i’m really dumb!!! truth is…i am!!! ahaahahahhaahhahahah!!!

I was not surprised my the amount of damage done by KotR on the first time, since a friend of mine told me how much it could do.

As for squalls_girl, just keep trying the left hand passages, and you’ll eventually find yourself outside. Just prepare yourself for the Proud Cld battle the moment you get outside.

ok thanks guys!

yayyyyy this is my 100th post!!! GGGGGRRRR i did something stupid!!! i did a new game and saved over that file!!! so i have to start over again!!! grrrrrrrrrr!!! well guess i don’t have to worry about what to do there for awhile.::doh::

Disk=floppy disk, usually of the 3½ inch variety
Disc=CD, or compact disc
Grammar is your friend.

Hey, there’s lots of treasures in the Sector 8 and Shinra Building you can never get again. Don’t forget the…

(Sector 8)
-Starlight Phone
-Aegis Armlet
-Max Ray

-Various power-up items
-W-Item materia

(Shinra Building)
-Pile Banger and a claw
-Glow Lance
-Behemoth Horn
-HP Shout

(Final area)
-Missing Score (only with Barret in your party)

…next time you play this part.

Originally posted by Barret VII
Disk=floppy disk, usually of the 3½ inch variety
Disc=CD, or compact disc
Grammar is your friend.

Uh, no. Disk and disc are the exact same word and are interchangeable. However you would have a better argument if you brought up a) they’re called DISC in-game, or b) “Compact Disc” is a two-word noun, which is only spelled with a C.

Therefore a 3 1/2 is a disk and a disc, and a CD is also a disk and a disc, but the D can only stand for disc.