Final Fantasy 6


This is my first post on this forum. I feel it only polite to begin by introducing myself. My name is Zeigfreid, and I am a Canadian citizen living in Japan. I love games, and recently I have felt (like so many fellow fans) that I should pick up an RPG Maker and contribute some poorly thought out game to the sea of such items available for download here and there on the internet.

The game I have in mind is a tale of the Magi War, the war decribed in the backstory of Final Fantasy 6. To this end I have come here, where many FF fan fictions have been written. I want to know what gamers here, who have clearly thought more deeply about the world of FF6 than what is presented in the game itself, have to say about the events of the Magi War.

To begin with, I’d like to ask how you think it started. I am currently reading Josephus’ Ravages of Glory, but I’m sure that others might have other interpretations. Then, how do you think it ended?

Beyond that, though, there are further questions that are more specific. What is a Zone Eater? What role did the castle we find underground play in the war? Little things like this I would like to open up for discussion, just to see what people have to say.

Thanks, and nice to meet you,


Hi, welcome to the forum. I think its great that you’re making a game but I have a tip for you: if you’re going to make a game based on anything to do with FF6, you’re going to have to get Square’s consent or you could be done for copyright. I’m not sure if this counts for online games as well, but I thought I’d give you the heads up.
Sorry i can’t answer you’re question though, I’ve never played FF6. Good luck though

Fan games/doujinshi are generally okay. Square generally isn’t going to go after small, free offerings. Especially since (hate to burst your bubble) these games rarely get off the ground in any case.

When starting with prequel fanfiction, I find it best to write backwards; you know how everything ends up, that’s decided for you, so start from the ending and take steps backward until you find out how it got there, in your version. Start with the final battle, your characters, and see what developes. If in the battle, two of them have a dramatic confrontation, make them arch-rivals and the conflict based around them. That sort of thing, just start with the ending you know happened and backtrack from there until you have a plot outline, then go through it forwards adding the details.

Let me tell you my take on this. To me, FF VI’s world isn’t particularly well thought out.The characters and the presentation of the game mattered. In essence, your game is going to be a brand new game. New characters, new cities, new locales. Good luck and please don’t use standard RPGM art nor FF6 music.