Final FAntasy 4

I started playing FF Chronicles on my PS2 and the battles are all zoomed in. I don’t remember this in the SNES version. It might be zoomed out if I play a rom, but it won’t have the ending FMV.

Get the Chronicles version. It runs perfectly with no lag or delays before a battle or changing menus and it has all that you would want or need.

I realized the battles naturally look zoomed in, since it’s old

Still, the way the text scrolls is bothersome in Chrnocles

I really never noticed that difference with the Chronicles version. The SNES and PS version looked the same to me.

Zoomed in? What do you mean?

Anyway, I saw the intro FMV and wasn’t too impressed, so I doubt I would be with the ending one either. The thing that bothered me about playing FFIV Chronicles version was the battle music doesn’t loop really… it fades out and restarts. Yeaugh.

The FMVs are very old so they aren’t that impressive (I think that they were made in 95 or 96). The PSX version plays as well as the SNES version, but has all the stuff of the original japanese version. The translation is all very good.

For me, it was the choice between sitting in front of my computer monitor or sitting on a cozy sofa and looking at the TV. Human comfort was more important to me then. :smiley:

The dialog is way different than easytype

It’s extremely stupid they didn’t update the translations of the items and spells in Chronicles. For instance, there’s Cure2 instead of Cura, and Venom instead of Poison

They also should tell you what all the stuff does before you use it

The Chronciles version has different dialogue than the SNES version. It also ahs the parts that were changed. The difference is that the translation of the Chronicles version is official and the ROM version is not. It’s also like Vicki said, you get to play it comfortably on your TV if you get the Chronicles version. Square didn’t reuse the SNES translation, they re-did it from scratch I heard. Also, the translation you’re talking about being way different is probably a result of it being a rom done by fans. Unlike the butchered FF5 translation, Square actually did a pretty good job with this one.

But they should still say what the items and magic does.

Did they butcher the translation in anthology and censor it?

FF5 translation was butchered in the way that the characters talked. If it doesn’t say it in the Chronicles version (although I thought it did, it’s been awhile), then it won’t say it in the rom either and it isn’t something you can hold against the Chronicles version.

So when I play FF5 should I download the rom instead?

Yeah. You should also get the rom instead of the disc since the disc has delays between battles and openning menus (the FF4 disc doesn’t have any of these problems), which gets pretty annoying after awhile.

I can’t find any Final FAntasy 5 fmv downloads

This guy in the chat says I should just play it for ps1

Don’t worry about the FMVs, they aren’t really that impressive or essential to understanding the story. The FMVs are only at the beginning and the end and just show certain story points. You really shouldn’t be basing your decision on them. Also, the little delays do get very annoying.

I beat Final Fantasy 4

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