Final Fantasy 2 spite *spoilers?*

I recently begun a new game in Final Fantasy 2 (PSX port as part of Final Fantasy Origins) and had gotten to the part of the game where Mindu leaves your party for the first time. Before then, however, he had my best weapons for the time, and without saving, I went all the way back to Altair after the Dreadnaught flew off to kill things and he left my party with my weapons.

Naturally, I was a bit pissed off. I quickly reset the game, distributed the equipment among the rest of my party after completely stripping Mindu, then went into a battle and beat him to death with the equipment he originally stole from me. Afterwards I left him dead throughout the entire mission to and from Bafsk.


Pkt, yes I lav u for what u did. I did that to him too, after his MP ran out after my stat-raising spree. I wasted his MP on healing my dudes and then I moved on with the story. :slight_smile: