Final Boss (?) on Parasite Eve. Spoilers, obviously.

K. Before I start my explanation, I’d like to state that I am level 33, with lots of ammunition, and Medicine 3’s, mainly 'cause I figured out you could get them at the Police Station for free, then you leave, and return, and repeat process. I also have a Machine Gun that holds 36 ammunition, has 70 offense, and can shoot 7 bullets in one turn. I also have a Rocket Launcher of 128 attack, and ungodly range of 202, but only 10 rockets for it.

I’m on Day 5, right after you blow up the giant Mitochondria Shell thingabobbimijygger, and you go down to the Statue of Liberty platform, to fight Mitochondria Eve. I can easily defeat the first form, the one with 3 parts, but maybe live with 4 or 5 Medicine 3’s left. I usually carry 20ish. Then, the second form, not sure if it’s the last form, kills me. Actually, I can only kill the first form if I use Liberate at the beginning of the battle, and cast Haste inbetween the battle. Then, I run out of P.E. to use Liberate again on the second form… any hints?

Also, is the second form The Ultimate Being? Is it the last boss? How much HP?

Day 5 isn’t the end, thus the Ultimate Being shows up in Day 6.

As for the boss, what abilities do you have on your weapon? If you haven’t done so already, move the Command X 2 ability from the handgun you received from beating the T-Rex boss onto your machine gun, and also slap the Burst ability from any Shotgun onto your Machine Gun as well. This will allow you to hit all 3 of the boss’ targets at once, and you’ll be able to act twice per “turn”.

The thing is, I don’t have any permits to make avaliable blocks on my Machine Gun, nor do I have any more tools to do it with. I don’t know if I can get Tools or Permits in battles, but I’ve only recieved two tools, and one permit since Day 4.

Do you have any Trading Cards, then? They work just fine as well.

I’ve found one in the entire game so far, and that was in the Locker in the P.Station. I don’t know where any others are.

It’s a shame you missed out on the unlimited Trading Card trick on Day 4.

But nevertheless, here are the locations of the cards. Happy modding!

  • Check one of the trash cans in Soho (I believe it’s on the middle screen)

  • Check the shelf in the room north of the lobby of the St. Francis Hospital.

  • There’s also one in the Museum in the hidden area near the first Quiz machine. The hidden room can be entered by moving as far up and right as you can on the “rainforest” part of the Museum, and then moving south and then east through the wall. Once you reach the hidden room, push the box in the south out of the way.

Okay. I’ll go do that now… but what about Tools? No trick to unlimited Tools? :>

How did the trick on Day 4 go? I might replay the game afterwards.

There’s an item that gives you unlimited Tools, but you can’t get it until your New Game EX. But it’s fairly worthless, because there’s an item a bit further into the New Game EX that gives you unlimited Super Tools.

The trick is fairly easy. On Day 4, grab the Trading Card from the St. Francis Hospital, then check the area where you found it over and over again to find more and more Trading Cards. Once you leave the screen, you will not be able to perform the trick again.

Erhm… what if I did not pick it up on Day 4 altogether… can I still perform this trick?

It’s worth a try, but I don’t know if it works or not.

Where is the Trading card located?

Check the shelf in the room north of the lobby of the St. Francis Hospital. So take a north from the first room.

Yeah, it still works, but since I couldn’t find anymore Tools, I didn’t bother using them.

Anyways, I beat the game… the boss I was stuck on, in the first form, I just used the Rocket Launcher I found on it, killing 2 parts with 10 rockets, and then using my Machine Gun to eliminate the last part. Then used Liberate a few times, and the Machine Gun on the second form… the proceeding cutscenes were cool, and then came the real fight. So, I beat the game, and watched credits, blah, blah, then I was able to save EX file? I saved a file, but then I can’t load it? How does the EX File work? I can’t load it on Disc 1… it’s faded in the Loading screen, and it just won’t load.

Also, why is there a timer on the top-right corner of the Loading screen?

To load your EX Game, you have to return to the main menu on Disc 2 (I think) and choose the option above “New Game”.

Not sure about the timer, really.

Odd. I’d expect to start a new game on Disc 1… anyways, someone can close this thread now; unless there is something else to be discussed about the game.

You know, I never found machine guns to be very realiable. Rifles are generally your best bet. Set it to fire only one or two shots per round, and when you can, give it Commandx2, Burst, Acid and Tranquilizer abilities.

Some other good ones to have (that you probobly won’t get til later) are Cyanyde, Quickdraw and Critical Up, and later on you can get the awesome Commandx3. At that point, you want to set it so that the gun only fires one shot per round, to maximise your damage.

I’ll remember that in my second playthrough. But, I didn’t find any Cx3 guns/armors in the entire first playthrough; or are they only found second time 'round?

I finished the game with a rifle with Commandx2 and Burst on it…those were the only two commands that really mattered. :sunglasses: I had double-shot too. Although handguns are also nice, if short-range.

The one thing I like most about using rifles or handguns is that they lack the annoying “Rate of Fire” ability. It really doesn’t matter if I’m going to do more damage with 3, 5 or 10 shots than I will with one shot; with Rate of Fire, you have to remain stationary while Aya fires all those shots, and in a game like Parasite Eve, you have to keep moving!

If you are willing to take the 80 odd times through the game to make it worthwhile, machine guns are the best platform to build on in the game due to their fast AT speed and fire rate(actual, not the abilty). Getting their range on par with a rifle takes forever, but it is well worth the extra manuevering room it gives you. And machine guns are the only weapons that can use the Attack All ability effectively (which I tend to prefer over burst in the Chrysler (sp?) Building.

A couple of nice day 4 tricks:
The giant blob miniboss in the basement of the hospital respawns, and can have tools and I think super tools stolen from it.
The weird chimera looking enemies that spawn balls that bounce around will spawn up to 99 of them in one fight, giving opportunity for fairly large amounts of xp and bp, not to mention a high rate of tool drops if you kill them all.