Fighting games into anime! Reviews.

Well, after GSM told me about the Fatal Fury OVAs, I decided to track them down on Kazaa and see what they were like, as well as a few other series I’d been told about, and here’s what I thought;

Ah yes, ‘classic’ anime, when men had huge muscles and women had huge breasts, which old men groped whenever possible… And that’s generally the formulas these series and films all follow.

Fatal Fury; Legend of the Hungry Wolf and Fatal Fury 2; The New Battle (1 episode OVAs)

1: Eww. Terry Bogart swears to avenge father. Beats up people in fight scenes whose animaion is almost all speed lines and cheesy ‘ultimate-attack fire NOW!’ dialogue. The film runs into the wall that is unemotional voice acting and never gets up again. Not so much an OVA as an extra fifteen minutes tacked onto something cheap. Think the DBZ movies, except they had cooler fights. And SSJ Vegeta. ;;>_>

2: Far, far better. The animation takes a step up to ‘good’, as do the VAs. The plot I won’t spoil, except to say it involves Krausner (sp?) wanting to find a worthy opponent (and he has a pretty good German accent as well). The fight scenes are still short as hell, but okay for all that. Worth a look because of Joe’s dialogue and Krausner’s awesomeness. Also has Mai’s breasts in various stages of ‘hey-how-close-can-we-get-before-the-rating-goes-up’ situations. It gets extra points for having a camp 80’s ending theme as well. ^^

Verdict; 1 gets no cookies. 2 gets three cookies.

Street Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha (films)

SF: Pretty good. Ignore the fairly-nonsensical plot and watch the fighting, 'cause pretty much everyone from the original lineup of SF and SF2 gets a decent fight to their name. The animation is good, even if the voice-acting stumbles a bit. Generally exactly what you’d expect from a series that revolved around beating the shit out of people.

SFA: Evil Scientist tries to do something vague by gathering the fighting data of a lot of streetfighters and draining them of it (wtf?) to increase his own powers. Ryu also has a kid brother, who goes all Mutant-Tetsuo-like at the end of the film, and Akuma is in it! :smiley: The animation and VAs are a ton better, and some of the scenes Ryu’s Dark Hado especially have the ‘whoa’ factor. Pierson likes this film.

Verdict; SF gets three cookies, SFA gets four cookies.

Fist of the North Star (film)

I can’t help it. I hated this film to death. The VAs are the worst ever, and the animation isn’t much better (witness the entire background turning into speed lines when characters are merely shouting at each other). A couple of scenes had redeemable value, but they’re crushed by the shitiness of the rest of the film.

Verdict; No cookies. Also I killed it’s family and burnt it’s house down.

Darkstalkers (4-ep OVA)

I admit, I loved this series. That’s probably because I’m a massive Darkstalkers fan, but since I’m a massive SF and FF fan also (well, at least I was before I saw that terrible first OVA) it’s less of an excuse.
This is arguable the best-made series of the bunch. The animation is above-average and fluid during the fights, the VAs are actually pretty good (except Raptor’s British acent). The plot has actually been thought about instead of tacked on as an excuse for fighting, involving Dmitri coming back from exile from the Demon World to reclaim his place as King, the human’s objection to the Darkstalker’s dominion over them, and Phobos/Huitzil’s own agendas, and Hsein-Ko and Ling-Lings (go you Chinese Vampire girls! :D) search for their mother, and meeting with Donovan and Anita (the freaky girl following him around). And the fighting. Oh the fighting.

If you’ve ever played DS and seen the moves, you’ll recognise nearly all of them. Morrigan’s morphing wings, Donovan’s beads and hyooj sword, Hsein-Ko’s extortionate amount of heavy metal objects, Dmitri’s vampire-abilities. All of them are used without slowing down the awesome fights or making them seem stupid (the final battle between Hsein-Ko and Ling-Ling vs Pyron, then Pyron vs Donovan is amazing, as is nearly all of episode four. Felicia, Raptor, everyone gets at least one scene to themselves (Felicia getting the most out of the minor characters).
About the only complaints are that many of the characters deemed less important or silly are just shoved aside, and only get one or two extras. Also since the game is set Pre-Vampire Saviour, characters like Lilith and Jedah are nowhere in sight. Apart from that it’s all good. it’s camp 80’s ending theme also beats Fatal Fury 2’s camp 80’s ending theme.

Verdict; EDIT: Screw it. It gets five cookies because I went back and watched it again, and DOnovan and Hsein-Ko are awesome characters. :smiley:

So, there’s my thoughts, for no particular reason. Anyone else ever seen any decent OOT-fighting anime or manga they liked?

Street Fighter 2 is pretty cool and the Tekken anime rocks.

I want a Tekken review! Tell me about Hwaorang and Jin, dammit! There are 3 Fatal fury movies, you only reviewed first two ;_; gets another dagger in the head wee.

I heard that there was one animated Street Fighter movie that was imfamous for a, and I quote, “particularly saucy shower scene with Chun Li”.

Never seen it, but still…yum. :slight_smile:

Not that saucy. A shillouette only. :stuck_out_tongue:

GSM, I know. I only have the two OVAs. I’m downloading the movie now.

As the lady commands… :\ I’ll see whether I can get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

YAY! And then if you like it, I’ll take the time to get it. But only if you gush about how stunning these fine anime men are ^.~

I have to agree that Capcom’s Fighting games had the best characters, and that The Darkstalkers were the best of them all. How can you not love characters as quirky as a Las Vegas Showgirl who happens to be a werecat!? :yipee: I have seen some of the animes you mentioned, but I never got to see the full Darkstalkers one. Bwaa!!! :too bad;

Oh, and the Marvel vs Capcom games (ALL of them) were all surprisingly good, too. They even used such obscure Marvel Characters as Shuma-Gorath (Marvel’s version of Cthulhu.) Too bad they never made an anime out of them, it would’ve ROCKED.

Well Wil, if you’re ever on mIRC again, and I get it working on MY comp kicks comp I have the full run of Darkstalkers (subbed or dubbed, take your pic), FotNS, and FF1 and 2 OVAs for download. ^^

Eeeek, never search for ‘Tekken’ on Kazaa. >_<

Uh, I don’t know if we saw a different version or what, but I distinctly recall full frontal nudity back when I first watched it (I was like 8 or 9 then).

Also, a very good fighting anime is Air Master. It’s not actually based on a videogame as far as I know, but it’s still very, very good. Think of Street Fighter in mid-air.

Then the version I got musta been had new scenes inserted or something.

Chun-Li isn’t that hot in it anyway. No play, no foul. :stuck_out_tongue:

TD, I’ll look that one up.

The best mid-air combat I’ve ever seen is still a quite old series. It’s a ten-or-so second sequence in the third or fourth episode of Shamanic Princess, when Tiara jumps into the air. Opponent does same, and for a few seconds they’re backlit against a stained-glass window and throwing punches around like nothing else. It was awesome. ;D

Tekken was a horrible anime. Seriously, it had no plot nor animation. Main character is Kazuya. No Jin (except at the end, he’s a little boy) No Hwourang ( I know I spelt it wrong) AND NO EDDY :OOOOOOOOOOO

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

Evil bishounen goes around world finding the six pieces of the Armour of Mars by way of his evil purple-haired bishi minions, growing more DBZ-like with every piece. Guess who has to stop him? Yep.

Even more OOT and fanservicey than the second OVA. The plot swings somewhere between the first Tomb Raider film and… er… Tomb Raider II, in terms of silliness of collecting stuff and what you’d expect from an anime made from the basis of a fighting game (and it actually quite cleverly references the second OVA). The VAs are more or less the same quality of the second OVA (good), but the animation is, if not the best, pretty damned good the final battle between Terry and Ares looks amazing for it’s time. It’s got a skippable quality so you can go ahead to the fights and not miss anything whatsoever of consequence in the plot, and the characters are like you’d expect from the games (Terry = Angst, Joe = A fool, Mai = The Kyoot One). It’s also deeply amusing to watch any scene with Mai in it, and her super-naked-transformation-scenes. ^^ Get it if you’ve already watched Darkstalkers.

Verdict; 3 and a half cookies.

Tekken; The Motion Picture

Ewwwww. NB’s right. It’s a horrible film. 57 minutes long, the animation is on a par or lower with what you’d see on normal anime on Saturday morning TV, and the VAs, while sounding like they should, lack emotion witness Jack 2 getting cut in half, and little girl saying ‘Dad, no,’ in a very deadpan voice. The plot is something tacked on about Heihachi wanting to destroy humanity to the Gods can come back to Earth and make everything right.

The story is set pre-Tekken 3, so no Jin or anyone. It’s dumb, the animtion is bad, and the few fights are unconvincing and crappy. Shame on it.

Also they RUINED Yoshimitsu.

Verdict; 0 cookies. No cookies for the ninja killers!

You’re not FINISHED, me boy!

You still have to hunt down :

-Art of Fighting : The Movie
-Samurai Shodown
-Battle Arena Toshinden (OAV or movie, not sure, but it’s supposedly good)
-Virtua Fighter (an actual anime which lasted a whole season, I think)
-Street Fighter V (Just so you can bask in its suckiness)

BAT is an OVA series, apparently. I’m downloading them (as well as the SS movie) as I type.

Pie, where are you getting those from?

Please don’t say kazaa. I’ll do something, like throw a rock at you or something like that.

Okay NB. I won’t say I’m getting them from Kazaa.

can i get a review for the battle arena toshinden movie please?

i was a big fan of the games and i did’ent know there was a movie till now.

is giae and sho in it? :moogle:

You can as soon as I download them. <strike>from Kazaa</strike>