fighter sprites

im making a fighting game in fighter maker… i wanna know if someone has sprites of king of fighters or dragon ball z or street fighter or mortal combat.
anything will be ok.

Honestly, the best way to find complete rips of fighting games is to check out Mugen sites. While searching for Servbot sprites, I happened across a thread in a forum with plenty of references and sprite packs linked to. Some of the palattes are sometimes messed up, like no more than 10% of the sprites from what I’ve seen, and that’s probably due to how the sprites were gotten. I believe Mugen resources people literally rip them from the game. I’m going on a tangent now, so I figure you just want the link. Here ya go.

thanks a lot… do you know the fighter maker engine?


your link was so helpfully… thanks again

i have a question for ya

do you know where i can find sounds for that sprites. like… gambit´s yell or sagat (hyper)… or wolverine (rockye)… anything will be ok