Fight the power....

<a href=“”>…of annoying telemarketers</a>

'Specially important if you <a href=“”>Live in Canada</a>.

Which is a common ailment among RPGCers <_<.

FLASH: There’s also <a href=“”>this, which could be useful as well</a>.

Or you can take a more martial stance and “Kill the mutants. Burn the heretics. Purge the unclean”, Mutants, Heretics, and the Unclean being euphamisms for those who annoy you.

I actually have done what the last link says for years. Though the laws are different here, they converge in the point that if I’m called without wanting to be called, the telemarketer gets fucked by justice.

That’s when I’m not in one of my evil mood times. A few times I was bored out to death and just kept chatting with the telemarketer. I once “befriended” a telemarketing girl and I think I spent about an hour putting the moves on her before shouting to her that she should die and go to hell and hanging up. A few times I pretended to be in a telemarketing service and I’d try selling them junk, too. They mostly hang up thinking they’d called a commercial place, or maybe it was just me boring the hell out of them. A couple of times I just did something like that script, without taking any notes.

I think my best was when a telemarketing girl called, trying to sell some cable TV subscription, and as I chatted with her pretending some interest in the product I googled for “swinger houses” in my city. I told her that I’d subscribe if she met me at some place, and then gave her the address of one such house. She asked what was with the place, and then I said that I worked in the management of a swinger house and wanted cable in the private rooms. Specially if it came with porn channels. And that I would only deal this matter personally with her. So she started saying that she could only sell by phone and I was all “and come wearing some small, tight, black panties. I’ll specially like it if you wear stockings for me”. At this moment she freaked out, and I got to hear the most priceless insults by phone ever. The way she shouted, I think her whole dept. must’ve heard it. And up to this day, there are moments when the flashbacks come and I laugh like hell at it.

Here’s an ingenous method: say you’re the only person in the house and that you have to be somewhere in a hurry. It won’t get them not to call you anymore, but it’ll shut 'em up without annoying 'em. :smiley:

This is brilliant. It’s almost so it’s sad that I’ve them blocked.

Good find Kraken